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Movie Stars: Disney warms hearts with ‘frozen’ flick

1 December 2013 By Ryan Permison, Columnist No Comments
Review: “Frozen”

During the holiday season there is always some sort of winter-themed movie. This year’s honor goes to the animation team at Disney with “Frozen.”

It is set in the kingdom of Arendelle, where the king’s daughter, Elsa, has the power to freeze anything she touches.

One night, Elsa and her sister Anna start playing in the castle when Anna is accidently struck by Elsa’s powers.

The accident causes Elsa to lock herself away in her room for the next several years until the day of her coronation.

During the coronation ceremony, Elsa becomes overwhelmed when Anna (voiced by Kristen Bell) tries to talk to Elsa about why she won’t tell her the truth, and accidently turns the kingdom into ice.

Elsa runs away to the mountains where she cannot hurt anyone, but Anna is determined to find Elsa.

Along the way she teams up with the ice seller Kristoff to help rescue her sister and bring her home. She also finds a talking snowman named Olaf to help her on the journey through the mountains. This is by far the most original Disney film we have seen in a long time, and it is not about finding Mr. or Ms. Right — it’s about being there for your family, no matter what happens.

With excellent visual effects and a heartwarming story, this is a film for Disney fans of all ages. I am personally not a big fan of characters breaking out in song, so that made the movie less appealing for me in some ways.

Otherwise, the snowman Olaf was the scene stealer in this movie.

I give “Frozen” eight out of 10.

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