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PopSyd: Hollywood’s naughty and nice

11 December 2013 By Sydney Adamson, Associate Art Director One Comment

With the year coming to a close, I’m taking a look back at pop culture in 2013.

More importantly, the holiday season is currently underway and I need to decide whom to buy presents for.

But pop culture and presents got me thinking, “If I could buy a celebrity something for the holidays, what would I buy?” Well, I made a list and I checked it twice…


Jennifer Lawrence: For the holidays, I think “The Hunger Games” actress deserves a nice, long nap. Between putting out three movies this year, filming three more movies, pulling off a pixie cut better than Miley and being incredibly charming, the girl has got to be tired. Take a load off, Lawrence.


Seth Meyers: Seth Meyers is incredibly funny and for that alone he deserves to be showered with gifts this holiday season. But soon the comedian will depart from his long-standing position at “Saturday Night Live” to host “Late Night” and I’m prepared to give Meyers whatever his heart desires to make him stay. A dinosaur? No problem. A date with my roommate? Done. A trip to Paris? I can do that. You name it and it’s yours, Meyers.


Justin Bieber: This winter, I’m gifting Justin Bieber some peace and quiet. Between getting his monkey confiscated in Germany this spring and the constant rumors that he’s sleeping with Brazilian prostitutes, I think it’s safe to say that Bieber has had a busy year.


Zac Efron: If you recall, in November Zac Efron broke his jaw when he slipped on a puddle outside of his house. This is unfortunate because, if you ask me, Zac Efron’s jaw is, or was, a pretty marvelous thing. This holiday season I’m gifting Efron a few ice packs and a wish for a speedy recovery.


Chloe Grace Moretz: The 16-year-old actress deserves a sparkling gold star for the holidays for her title role in “Carrie.” Although the movie was a remake, I think the actress did the part justice. She probably needs a shower too to wash all of that pig’s blood off of her…


B.J. Novak: Actor and writer B.J. Novak is good friends with his former “The Office” costar Mindy Kaling. The pals are so close that they’ve joked in interviews and over Twitter about marrying one another. I fully support the idea of these two marrying, and, if you ask me, they would make adorable babies. For the holidays, I would buy Novak a sizeable rock and advise him to “put a ring on it.”


I’m not necessarily sure if these stars make it on to the naughty list or the nice list, but either way they all deserve a little something – and so do you.

With finals looming over our heads, I’m wishing you all lots of sleep and good luck on your final exams.

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