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The Towerlight in 2014

11 December 2013 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief 3 Comments
How will the paper change in the new year

Story ideas come and go.

Some covers turn out bright and are eye-catching, while some print darker than expected.

Different storylines will draw a lot of attention, while some are forgotten about seconds after finishing the last sentence of a story.

But what will stay consistent in the minds of our readers in the coming year?

As the print medium across the United States starts to decrease in popularity, smaller papers such as ours (thankfully) continue to succeed pretty well as a printed form of media.

There’s always room to improve, however, which opens us up to bringing the readers new things in 2014.

For starters, our social media presence is growing every day. We are currently looking for an assistant social media manager, while the senior editor position at The Towerlight has become more oriented toward increasing our online presence.

We’ve had an Instagram account for about a year now, but just recently started posting there. The Towerlight’s Instagram will bring you the best of Towson, featuring pictures and short videos of events on campus, news (did you see our official snow measurement on Sunday?) and the everyday happenings at Towson.

Our Twitter account is also starting to become more than just a platform to post links to our stories online.

If you have a complaint, story suggestion or maybe even a compliment, feel free to Tweet at us! There will always be someone on the other end waiting to answer you.

Facebook will also become more of a platform for conversations rather than one-way communication from us as well, so make sure you are following us on all three accounts.

If  you want even more Towerlight online, sign up for our newsletter (sign-up form is on our website and only requires an email). Our newsletter is only four issues old, and sends out the top stories from each issue directly to your inbox, with links to the PDF version of the paper and links to the best stories, photos and videos.

The video department will also undergo some changes in 2014.

Our podcasts will be moving in-house to our video department, and The Towerlight’s YouTube page will be featuring more feature-y videos (so far we’ve had a video go up about the best Cyber Monday deals and the snowstorm on Sunday), and we will be posting more reviews of television shows done by our staff members.

Then, there’s still the print edition.

Throughout the semester, you’ve probably noticed small design changes. Some of these changes include the new jobs section, the re-design of the calendar page and the addition of newer and sleeker banners at the top of each page.

These changes will continue to be made as each semester passes, with the thought of the reader in our minds at all times.

We aim to please the readers, and want a paper that is not only visually appealing, but has content that Towson students, faculty, staff and alumni want to read.

So, what would you like to see The Towerlight become in 2014? Let me know in the comments, or stop me any time you see me on campus.


  • Lois Havlacek said:

    I think you should spend more time on the basics like fact checking and editing for grammar before you move on to stuff not always related to being a news outlet for the TU community.

  • Avi said:

    You should publish comics by Towson students!

  • aresef said:

    As Lois said you should just forget all of the other new stuff and focus on printing solid stories with fundamental reporting and proper grammar. The Towerlight management is more concerned with being flashy than solid. Sad departure from the days when my crew ran the paper.

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