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Towson pride on f@#k yeah Tumblr

8 December 2013 By Devorah Roberts, Video Producer No Comments

Towson students display their pride in a number of ways, but now it’s as easy as clicking “reblog.”

Within the social networking site Tumblr there are a certain group of blogs called “f**k yeah” blogs. Each blog focuses on one topic and can range from cats to tattoos to “Lord of the Rings.” In 2011, one such blog was made specifically for Towson University and is titled f**kyeahtowson. The creator, who wishes to remain anonymous, said the blog was established after getting more into photography and talking to a friend about other similar blogs. At the moment, the blog has multiple contributors and receives submissions from followers. These submissions are mostly random, simply depicting the everyday life of people on Towson’s campus and surrounding area.

“… We just want to prove that there are people making good art or music where we live. We care about where we are from I guess,” f**kyeahtowson said.

Kara Barbes, a sophomore electronic media and film major, followed the blog after she saw a sticker with the address in Paws. Later, her short film was featured on the blog.

“I was thrilled, still am. It sent the film out there a bit more, for more people to see. And since the concept revolves around real Towson history, it makes me happy to know that the blog directs it to Towson people, and people who can make a connection with the film,” she said.

Barbes said she likes that the blog highlights locations and lesser known nooks and crannies in Towson that only locals would recognize.

“It’s an artsy type of blog, with snapshots of everyday life from everyday people in the area,” she said. “It’s very different from the Towson University ads with happy smiling students and sunny pictures of campus buildings; the photos have some soul to them.”

However, Barbes said she would like to see more people sending in submissions to the blog.

“I’m sure I’m not the only one who finds fascination in the snapshots,” she said.

Aside from featuring images of Towson, the blog also talks to current and incoming students, in a hope to decrease negativity about the school. The blog takes experiences, good and bad, at Towson and tries to be informative for others.

“I’ve answered questions to prospective students about campus life and things like that based on my own experience. You can read through and find things,” f**kyeahtowson said.

Barbes said that that everyone should follow the blog and help it continue to grow.

“This type of media can make people feel like they’re part of the community here and give outsiders a feel for the art, music and what this place is about,” she said. Visit the blog at f**ckyeahtowson.tumblr.com.


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