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Week 14: Munshaw vs. Glaze

4 December 2013 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-In-Chief No Comments

Jon: Thank God… I mean oh no! I only have one more of these to do after this week. I will be grateful to have the extra time on my hands, but it will unfortunately limit me to the number of punishments I can dole out.
But who am I kidding? I couldn’t pick NFL games if my life depended on it. I also make what I honestly believe is the best pick, and I just can’t produce the results.
It’ll be especially important this week to at least tie, because I know Glaze will continue to rub it in if I bomb.

Alex: Thanks, Munch, for FINALLY giving your boy a chance to shine. But before we get into some NFL games, I need to say a few things.
I was going to talk about my fantasy team and how we’re ready to make a run in the playoffs, but then we didn’t make the playoffs (awkward).
So I want to take this time to thank my team for sticking it out this year. I want to give a special shout out to Alshon Jeffery for holding me down with 50 points last week (PPR). I blame most of my fantasy misfortune on the Green Bay Packers. Jordy Nelson was my WR1 this season and he held me down every week until Aaron Rodgers got hurt and Jordy basically became a non-factor.
I’m upset and hurt because I didn’t make the playoffs. I feel like a failure. But don’t worry; Ashley Sky’s Guy will be back next year.

Jon: I’m writing this on Monday afternoon, so this answer isn’t going to include the results of Monday night’s game between Seattle and New Orleans.
However, I can look at the 49ers victory over the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, which I wasn’t terribly impressed with. Yes, the Rams had been on a hot streak, but the Rams frankly aren’t good, yet San Francisco only averaged 2.8 yards per carry between their three running backs and Colin Kaepernick.
Michael Crabtree did have a solid performance in his first game back from injury, catching two passes for 68 yards. Yet the 49ers are still the second worst passing offense in the NFL, while the Seahawks are the best passing defense (but they’ll be without Brandon Browner).
Every time the 49ers have had the opportunity to play a good team, they’ve lost. Seattle in Week 2, Indianapolis in Week 3, Carolina in Week 10 and New Orleans in Week 11.
Seahawks 27, 49ers 23

Alex: My heart still hurts because the Seahawks defense basically ended my fantasy season against the Saints last week. All I needed to make the playoffs was for Drew Brees to get me 10 points and the Seattle defense held him to seven. I can’t believe they held Brees to under 200 yards passing. That being said, I was even more impressed with the way Russell Wilson picked apart the Saints’ defense. DangeRuss is for real and so are the Seahawks.
Seahawks 30, 49ers 16

Jon: Speaking of the Lions, here they are against the Philadelphia Nick Foles.
Nick Foles has been playing so well, Marcus Vick even endorsed him on Twitter.
But offense doesn’t mean much if your defense can’t stop anyone.
Despite the improvement Philly’s defense has shown in the last few games, they are still allowing the most passing yards per game in the NFL.
You know what that means? Calvin Johnson knows what that means. Calvin Johnson sees a 200-yard game in his future.
Against NFC opponents this year, Johnson is averaging 17.4 yards per catch, and against all opponents, has 25 receptions when the ball is thrown between 11 and 20 yards. He’s a beast, and the Eagles defense just isn’t good enough to stop the Lions from posting 30-plus points.
Lions 33, Eagles 28

Alex: Nick Foles has been out there doing his thing, so I can’t throw any shade at him (full disclosure: I’m a Mike Vick supporter). But I like the Lions because I liked what I saw on Thanksgiving. Reggie Bush was out there doing his thing, Calvin Johnson was being Calvin Johnson and the Lions’ defense looked good. Foles has been lights out but I think the Lions defensive line will turn it up and put a lot of pressure on him. I’m giving the edge to the Lions. Word to Chaz Proctor.
Lions 20, Eagles 16

Jon: Like the Seahawks game, I don’t have any analysis on the New Orleans game Monday night. But even if they lose, I still don’t think they should be the underdog here, eight-game win streak or not for the Panthers.
Carolina’s win streak has been impressive, but Cam Newton still hasn’t been impressive enough that I think he can out-play Drew Brees, especially with Brees knowing he could lose the division if they drop this one.
Newton has only broken 300 passing yards once this season, falling below 200 passing yards in two of the eight games during the Panthers streak.
Yes, the Panthers are sixth in the league in passing offense, but Brees is averaging over 317 yards per game in the air. In a very weird NFC this season, the Saints have a chance to make the Super Bowl this season, and putting the Panthers’ division hopes to bed in Week 14 will be the first step toward that.

Saints 32, Panthers 24

Alex: Killa Cam has been playing out of his mind the past couple of weeks and I love it. I love the way Cam Newton plays and if the Saints’ Monday night game showed me anything, it showed me that they aren’t ready. Yes, this game is in New Orleans. Yes, the Saints are a completely different team at home. But I like Cam and the Panthers because they’re on a roll.

Panthers 35, Saints 28 (ICE UP, SON)

Jon: This is an odd game between teams who can make the playoffs, but you don’t feel good about them getting out of the first round.
By beating the Titans on Sunday, the Colts locked up the AFC South.
The Bengals have a solid shot at taking the AFC North, but the Ravens are hot on their figurative tails, making this game incredibly important.
Andy Dalton has been disappointing despite Cincy’s winning record, putting up just 93 yards against the Browns two weeks ago and just 190 on Sunday in the Bengals win over San Diego.
But they’ve been getting by just fine with the eighth best rushing attack in the league, and they’ll be facing the Colts 28th-ranked rush defense.

Bengals 20, Colts 14

Alex: What’s going on in Indy? Trent Richardson getting benched for Donald Brown? I know the loss of Reggie Wayne affected the Colts’ passing attack but, man. I have to go with the Bengals on this one just because of their defense. They have one of the best secondaries in the NFL and they put pressure on quarterbacks.

Bengals 17, Colts 6

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