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Astrolo-holic: Stars of the semester

29 January 2014 By Ashley Beall, Assistant Video Producer No Comments

2014 has arrived, and the stars are changing with the new year.

So for the spring semester, it’s important to be aware of them and adapt accordingly.

These are some horoscopes for the semester to help make it just a bit easier

Aries will have a difficult semester, with a lot more work than usual. However, there will also be important business opportunities available, so Aries should work hard and dress to impress. There is also a chance of meeting a significant other in the workplace.

Taurus will have some painful goodbyes this semester to those they care about deeply. Many secrets will come to the surface, so honesty would be the best policy for the bull. It may be difficult, but the truth will allow for a self-cleansing for Taurus.

Gemini faces a stressful semester full of work to do, most of which seems pointless. The extra workload could cause illness for Gemini, putting them even farther behind. However, if they balance work and relaxation well, the long-term effects will be worth it.

Cancer must go through some big changes this semester, and it will be a scary thing to do. But if the crab can bring on an optimistic attitude, then good opportunities at home and with loved ones will present themselves. It’s up to Cancer to utilize them.

Leo may have more trouble at home than usual this semester, with difficult tasks that require specifically the Leo’s capabilities. The lion is not as formidable unless their home life is stable, so it’s important for Leo to focus their attentions on the household.

Virgo could have a burst of creative energy this semester, prompting the start of many personal projects. Because of this, Virgo should focus on self-reflection, as well as time for meditation. It would also be smart for Virgo to look for multiple outlets for their creativity.

Libra should be wary of relationships this semester. With all the romance ups and downs, the life of a Libra could quickly turn into a Taylor Swift love song. Sparks will fly and complications will arise, but it’s important to remember to focus on schoolwork, too.

Scorpio had a tough last semester, so this year is a year of renewal and fresh starts. The scorpion will have a clean slate, allowing a lessening of burdens and the creation of new opportunities. Take advantage of the easier semester, because relaxation is key to self-improvement.

Sagittarius might want to keep an eye on their bank account this semester. Financial insecurity is a huge threat, so it would be smart for the archer to cut back expenses and start saving. Also, Sagittarius should get rid of their pride and ask friends and family for help, because they’ll need it.

Capricorn will have a tough time with the number of changes occurring in the new year. The goat hates to move away from their comfort zone, so it may be tricky, but with humility and patience it can help Capricorn grow to be a better person.

Aquarius has a chance to truly establish their independence this semester. Freedom is a significant factor for success in an Aquarius life. However, it’s also smart for Aquarius to remember who helped them make it this far in the first place.

Pisces has a lot of luck going for them this semester, making it easier for them to take on more tasks and responsibilities. This workflow can help the fish establish themselves to important people as well. Pisces can also find ways to create good karma for themselves early this year.

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