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Bad Luck Brandi: A not-so-Uber New Year’s

26 January 2014 By Brandi Bottalico, Senior Editor One Comment

This New Year’s Eve I invited some friends to go out to Fell’s Point with me because I thought it would be a fun time.

In years past I have had problems pulling off New Year’s without a problem.

This year, I decided if I planned in advance then we would have a successful new years.

Last year we took a cab into D.C. but couldn’t get one out, so my brother had to pick me and some of my friends up at 4 a.m.

This year I checked cab rates, calculated everyone’s individual costs and had backup plans in case we had trouble.

My first mistake was not relaying said backup plan to the nine friends that were joining me.

I instead just assured them there was a plan in case we couldn’t find a ride out.

Four of my friends decided to drive into the city with a DD and the rest of us said we would meet them there.

So we called Jimmy’s and requested a van. I had called earlier and estimated that the price would be around $22, $25 tops.

So we hopped in the cab and as the meter was going I realized that either my estimate was off or they were trying to dupe us.

While we were on 83, I realized that they just went a longer way than what I had found on GoogleMaps.

Around the time that the meter hit $40 something the cab driver insisted he had a flat tire.

At first not feeling anything, I wasn’t convinced. Until we heard it and the car became clearly unbalanced.

He pulled over and called another cab. We waited for about 30 minutes and then we transferred to a new cab.

We argued that we should get the ride for free considering we waited so long and we were clearly being overcharged.

We were being polite the entire time.

But things escalated and they threatened to call the police. My friend all offered to wait for them but my boyfriend gave in and paid the $60 cab fee it took for us to get the seven miles to Fell’s.

By the end of the night I hadn’t communicated my backup plan of taking the bus home and was not in a state to remember where the stop was and all the details so one of my friends called Uber, that new ride company, which apparently charged him $300 to get back to my apartment.

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  • Dirty Dan said:

    This article is absolutely awful, and you should feel awful for writing this dreck.

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