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Former WSU president appears on “Nightline”

29 January 2014 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief One Comment

Former Towson student Matthew Heimbach is back in the news this month after appearing on the ABC program “Nightline,” where he admitted to being a racist after participating in a student group on the campus at Indiana University.
Heimbach, the former president of the White Student Union and Youth for Western Civilization at Towson, two groups that stand for traditionalist value and the re-segregation of America, is currently working with the Traditionalist Youth Network at Indiana University. Thomas Buhls, the president of that group and a member of the Klu Klux Klan, is known for sharing similar views to Heimbach. The Traditionalist Youth Network is a national chain of groups that stands for fundamentalist ideals and carries out an anti-gay agenda. Buhls could not be reached for comment on this story, but the “myINvolvement” description for the group on IU’s website says that, “The Traditionalist Youth Network exists to provide resources and support to independent groups of college students at Indiana University who are learning about the Traditionalist School of thought, helping one another apply the principles and spirit of Tradition in their lives, and organizing in defense of Tradition on campus and in the community. While members and supporters are encouraged to embrace a particular Tribe and Tradition, the TYN empowers them to unite and speak as one voice against the united voices of decadence, individualism, Marxism and Modernity.”
Heimbach appeared on “Nightline” as part of a special episode that outlined the future of organized hate in the United States. As part of an interview for the news program, Heimbach said that he considers himself a racist, and called it “natural.”
In previous interviews with The Towerlight, Heimbach declined to call himself a racist when he was a part of the White Student Union. According to “Nightline,” Heimbach mentored Buhls and the Traditional Youth Network at IU, chalking messages on sidewalks at the school, and holding a protest at a local bookstore in August.
The Indiana Daily Student, the student newspaper at IU, wrote an article that stated that members of the Network stood outside Boxcar Books in Bloomington, Ind. and chanted, “Racist, fascist, anti-gay, Trad Youth Network here to stay,” while patrons came in and out of the store. Heimbach and the rest of the protestors eventually left after customers sprayed them with water hoses. The Bookstore could not be reached for comment on any incidents since then, but there is a message posted on the store’s website that states the store has no affiliation with TYN. In the “Nightline” episode that aired on Jan. 16, Heimbach said he was preparing to spread TYN to other college campuses, including American University, located in Washington, D.C. and George Mason University, located in Fairfax, Va.
Michele McDonald, the senior communications manager at George Mason, said in an email that the university has “…heard nothing more than what was said on the TV program,” in regard to Heimbach coming to campus, which he said would occur this semester. Although Buhls would not tell IDS how many students at IU are a part of his group, he did say that there were several community members in support of TYN. While at Towson, Heimbach’s White Student Union did not have any confirmed Towson students as members, but did have several community members that helped Heimbach perform crime patrols at night. Heimbach is continuing to preach that it is necessary for the U.S. to go back to the days before segregation, separating whites from the rest of the population
“The cataclysmic end to this empire is fast approaching,” he said in the “Nightline” special. “Was what happened to the Native Americans horrible? Yeah. But that’s what’s happening to whites now in this country.”

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  • Bob said:

    He’d be funny if these crazies weren’t so serious.

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