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Kubiak: Good or bad hire?

29 January 2014 By Matt Hamilton, Associate Sports Editor No Comments

Tyler: It was a brilliant move by the Ravens to hire Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator for a couple of reasons. The main reason obviously is because of Kubiak’s incredible track record as offensive coordinator in Denver.

Before Kubiak coached the Texans, he was offensive coordinator for the Broncos for 11 seasons and helped the team win two Super Bowls. He runs a great offensive system that will allow the Ravens to run play action, which is something they didn’t do last season. Kubiak also has a great history having successful running backs, which bodes well for Ray Rice.

The other good reason for the Kubiak hiring is that it can help the team in free agency. Jacoby Jones seemed to be a long shot to resign with the Ravens, but Jones loves Kubiak as a coach and may comeback at a smaller discount. Another player Kubiak could help bring in is tight end Owen Daniels, who could be a cap casualty for the Texans.

Matt: When I heard about the Gary Kubiak signing, I was happy, but not as thrilled as all the Ravens fans on my Twitter feed saying that it was the best hire since sliced bread (granted you can’t hire sliced bread but it’s a fun cliché).

Kubiak seems to be a good fit with what the Ravens want in an Offensive Coordinator: smart, a zone-blocking proponent and likes to run the ball. Just last year, he led a Texans team that saw a 1,400-yard rusher, 1,500-yard receiver and a 4,000-yard passer. That’s pretty dang good.

If Kubiak can have the same success with Ray Rice, Joe Flacco and Torrey Smith, we might be hoisting the Lombardi Trophy again pretty soon. However, Jim Caldwell wasn’t to do it last year, so it may be a tougher task than with Arain Foster, Andre Johnson and Matt Schuab.

I believe Kubiak has the experience and talent to bring the Ravens offense back to where it was at the start of 2013, but there are many questions I have before he does.

What if Kubiak and Harbaugh don’t work well together? Then, we’ll have two powerhouse coaches feuding over plays on the sideline. I don’t think this will happen, given that Harbaugh isn’t an offensive mastermind, but who knows.

What if Kubiak leaves the team for another head coaching position? Well shoot, we’d be in the same position as we were this offseason. Longevity as a coordinator has to be a concern.

What if new quarterbacks coach Rick Dennison doesn’t gel with Flacco? As much as I like bringing one of Kubiak’s assistants with him to Baltimore, the more important relationship is between Dennison and Flacco. Flacco needs to be at his best, so we can’t afford a tense pairing.

These are just a few of the questions I have about the future of the Ravens offense. Although it may seem like I’m pessimistic about the whole thing, I do think Kubiak will get the offense back to relevancy. I know I’ll be cheering him on, like I would any Ravens coach.

Good luck Gary! The whole city is counting on you, no pressure.

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