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Social Media Spotlight: Parking justice for all

22 January 2014 2 Comments

Name: @TUParkingProbs

Platform: Twitter

What it is: A Twitter account where students can voice their opinions about Towson’s parking situation.

Why it was started: Four students, who wished to remain anonymous, began the account for a public relations class project, but then decided to continue it after realizing the strong opinions and stories that students had to share about parking. So far, they have heard from multiple students, including students who spoke out about having to pay multiple parking tickets. Students expressed distress over the 7,000 permits that are distributed for 3,000 spaces, the creator said.

Why follow: The creator of @TUParkingProbs said that following the Twitter is a way to speak out against parking, and hopefully the university will take notice. But it’s also a way to post jokes and poke fun at the issue, so the creator said students should follow if they want a good laugh.  Find @TUParkingProbs at twitter.com/TUParkingProbs.


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  • HaHa said:

    I graduated from Towson in 2009 after spending five years there. Parking was a cluster then, it was before I attended and obviously is after I have left. When you require more and more students to live off campus parking problems will occur. I honestly don’t see anything changing about the parking issues. It is ridiculous that parking at a meter in downtown towson, getting out, putting nothing in the meter and coming back three hours later only gets you an $18 ticket and a truly fair system to contest tickets. Doing the same at towson gets you a $75 ticket and a joke of an appeals process where the same people writing you the ticket decide if you were in the right.

  • Ron Vibbentrop said:

    Personally, I think we should annex the Sudatenland.

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