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Social Media Spotlight: Towson Sam

29 January 2014 No Comments

Name: Towson Sam.

Platform: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Spotify, Vine, YouTube and WordPress

What it is: Sam stands for the Student Activities and Marketing team, which means that his purpose is to go out on campus, discover what is going on, and then report back to the Office of Student Activities with the details.

What to expect: You can find everything from event announcements and campus updates on the Sam Facebook and Twitter pages, to playlists on Spotify made especially for walking around Towson’s campus. They have also recently created a Vine account to convey information in yet another way. “We do plan on opening more, it just all depends on what’s trending with technology… we, as Towson Sam, want to keep up and stay on the edge of what’s happening and what our students are doing,” Coordinator of Marketing and Social Media for Student Activities Megan Byrd said. Additionally, they have accounts on YouTube, WordPress and a free phone app called events.towson.edu.

Why follow: Sam’s popularity has been growing rapidly. By following Sam you can hear about and attend events that you are interested in that you may not have heard about otherwise. Additionally, they sometimes have challenges where participants can win prizes. After the snowfall, they challenged their Instagram users to build something Towson-themed out of the snow for a chance to win a gift card to the University Store. “We like to be different, and not just, you know, pushing out information and forcing it down people’s throats. We want them to interact and get something out of it,” Byrd said.

How it started: In June of 2012 the Student Activities Office wanted to create, “a social media presence that had a voice that students could really relate to,” Byrd said. Sam was developed with this idea in mind so that students could “follow” Sam and see what kind of events were occurring on campus that day or later in the week.

Who is in charge: The Sam marketing team is comprised of student employees who study everything from photography, videography and graphic design to blogging. It is an opportunity for these students to get experience in their field of interest. The Student Activities office also collaborates with other departments and organizations in order to share with students all of the activities occurring in the many different groups on campus.

Mission Statement: “I think our biggest goal is Student Activities and with Towson Sam it’s to help expose students to diverse communities, get you in touch with students who you normally wouldn’t interact with. It helps you meet a wider range of friends with different types of people from different backgrounds. Another thing we’d like to do is give students the opportunity to positively contribute to the community. And the last thing we want to do, and the most important thing is that we want to help students create fun-filled memories about Towson and make sure they leave this school with a positive experience because that’s what its really all about,” Byrd said.

Find Sam at facebook.com/TowsonSAM.

Is there a Twitter, Instagram, blog or Facebook group you think Towson students should check out? Email arts@thetowerlight.com  with submissions!


–Compiled by Thomas Martinson

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