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Torrent to open Feb. 13

9 February 2014 By Aaron Isrin, Staff Writer One Comment
Amanda Ferrarese/ The Towerlight

Amanda Ferrarese/ The Towerlight

The Torrent Nightclub doesn’t look like much in the daytime.  The hallway is quiet and empty.  Even the performance hall looks average with the lights off.

Brian Recher, co-owner of both the venue and the adjacent bar The Rec Room, looks around for a light switch. Several clicks are distinctly audible.

Suddenly the entire room bursts with neon blue glow from the many lights along the walls, under the bars and from the ceiling.
“Come on, let’s check out the stage,” Recher said.

Recher walks up the stairs of the sturdy, black disk jockey stage and reveals the turntables and equipment the performer would use.  From the stage, elevated a few feet off the floor, the DJ can get a good look at the 7,000 square feet of the club and the roughly 600 people it can hold.

Recher turns around and puts his hand on the LED light panel directly behind the performer area.

“Oh man, when we turn these lights on the stage looks like it’s on fire,” he said.  “I’m excited.”

Within the next week, downtown Towson will be getting a new addition to its nightlife.  The Torrent Nightclub, an electronic music hall, will be opening its doors on Feb. 13.  Formerly known as the Recher Theatre, this will be the first time the Torrent has opened its doors since the building was remodeled after the Recher Theatre closed.

Show tickets, according to Recher, can range from as low as $10 to as high as $50, depending on the popularity of the performer.

“Most of our shows will run from $10 to $30, but sometimes we may get a really popular DJ, so naturally we’ll have to raise the entrance fee,” Recher said. “But our highest priced show, right now, is $30.”

Although this is the first time the Torrent will hold a performance, it is not its official grand opening.  Recher said that the official grand opening will be held on a later date.

Recher said the Torrent will be featuring only electronic music, a major change from the Recher Theatre which was previously open to many kinds of live performances.  Recher said he enjoyed his time with the venue, but the low turnout for the live performances forced him to close the theatre in March 2013.

“The fact is we just couldn’t compete with the larger venues,” he said.  “It was fun, but business is business.”

Recognizing the potential in electronic music, Recher then decided to change the performance hall into a nightclub.
“We had to adapt,” he said.

Previously, Recher informed The Towerlight that he planned to open the nightclub in November 2013.  However, he said the renovations took longer than anticipated so the opening had to be delayed.

Amanda Ferrarese/ The Towerlight

Amanda Ferrarese/ The Towerlight

“We had to replace the roof, refurbish the interior and replace the heating and air condition system,” he said.  “Things like these always take longer than you plan for.”

When the change was first announced, it was met with a lot of opposition from the community.

The Law Offices of Charles E. Brooks filed a petition against the establishment.  The firm claimed, on behalf of local business in the Towson area, that the Torrent would cause an overflow of young adults that could stir trouble for the community.

Baltimore County Councilman David Marks also stated publicly that the Torrent would cause safety issues for the downtown area.
Recher said that the complaints were just the local competition trying to get to him.

In late 2013, Recher attended two hearings in Maryland’s Court of Special Appeals, during which all petitions were dropped.  The Baltimore Sun reported that the lack in the number of protesters was an important factor in the dropping of the petitions.

“Before then and even now we have a clean record,” Recher said.

Recher said that he believes the Baltimore County police can handle the traffic.  Although, he said that they can’t prevent all crime in Towson.

“These guys work hard, but they can’t be everywhere,” he said.

The Torrent’s format will remain strictly performances, but Recher said that special events may occur in the future.

“We could start doing a ‘Ladies Night,’ a ‘College Night’ or even an ‘Industry Night’ if we feel a need to change the routine,” he said.

The Torrent will be opening its doors on Feb. 13 at 9 p.m. for a performance from the EC Twins.  Only patrons 21 or older can enter the club.

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