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From The Editor’s Desk: Continue the conversation about race

19 February 2014 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief One Comment

I know it seems like I’ve already written about the White Student Union two too many times this semester, but I regretfully have to bring them up once more.

Last spring, when the WSU was in full force and grabbing the attention of national media outlets like Vice and CNN, there was a great conversation happening on campus underneath that.

That conversation was about race. Not just on Towson’s campus, but every college campus in America.

Since Matt Heimbach graduated and the WSU disappeared, that conversation seems to have fallen by the wayside now by most students. Obviously, this is issue is something that is going to always be important to a select group of individuals.

But with Soledad O’Brien visiting campus Wednesday night to talk about race, I think now is another good time to bring it up.

During the WSU/Youth for Western Civilization days, it seemed like there was a forum once a month where Towson students were encouraged to come out and discuss hate on campus. Where have those forums gone?

Hate on college campuses is something that still happens, even if we don’t see it and if it’s not as out in the open as the WSU was.

And hate doesn’t have to be centered on race. It can be toward LGBT groups, or pretty much any other demographic you can think of.

I’m sure groups such as the Black Student Union and the Queer Student Union are always having these kinds of discussions, but the average Towson student isn’t having that same discussion.

It’s these kinds of discussions that O’Brien is pushing for Americans to have now.

It’s not simply enough anymore to just say that we are “color blind.” I am actually colorblind. I cannot see the difference between blue and purple and red blends right in with green if they’re near each other.

That’s what it means to be colorblind.

In modern America, we need to get away from this colorblind discussion, and move toward talking about the fact that we see race.

As someone pointed out on my Ed Desk about Michael Sam coming out as a gay last week, sexual orientation can be part of one’s identity that they choose to share with the world, just as race is.

The fact is, everyone sees your race. Black, white, Hispanic, Korean, whatever it is, you should feel comfortable about sharing it with others and celebrating our differences.

But that conversation really seems to have gone somewhere else in the absence of the WSU.

So I ask, why is it that we need a hate group on campus to have these discussions? I hope that in the near future I will be able to go to the forums I mentioned before where we aren’t just discussing one group on campus, we are having a legitimate discussion about hate on college campuses across the country.

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  • Clay said:

    In this politically correct environment, one simply cannot have discussions about race for fear of being labeled a racist by those with differing opinions. We, as a society in whole, have become so overly sensitive to possibly offending others, that honesty in conversation is becoming rarer and rarer. As long as the politically correct environment is allowed to persist, honest discussion involving race will be few and far between, and thus, race relations will continue to stagnate the way they’ve been for the past few years.

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