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Pop Syd: Adventures in YouTube

5 February 2014 By Sydney Adamson, Associate Art Director No Comments

Hey there, Towson. My name is Sydney Adamson and I’m back for another semester to give you my thoughts on whatever pop-culture topic is currently at the forefront of my mind.

If you read POPSyd last semester, you’ll know that I have mentioned (once, twice… maybe 10 times) that I love YouTube. Most of the time I prefer watching YouTube videos to watching TV.

Just as one would become invested in a TV show, I have become invested in certain YouTube channels. FunForLouis is one of those channels.

But unlike a TV show, all the videos on FunforLouis are filmed, edited and uploaded to the channel by one person – Louis Cole.

Cole has always been an adventurous YouTuber. His earliest YouTube videos were of him eating strange and often disgusting foods, and were posted on his first channel, FoodForLouis.

In 2012, Cole created a second YouTube channel to share vlogs (video blogs) of his travels, which is how FunForLouis was born.

Cole’s travel videos always prove to be interesting, well filmed and intriguingly edited. Cole does not simply film himself hanging out with friends or lying in the sun on vacation using his cell phone camera.

No, his life is a bit more exciting than that, as is his filming equipment.

Originally from England, Cole and his cameras have traveled across cities, countries, and continents. Just last year, he visited Australia, France, Uganda, Switzerland, Romania, New Zealand, the United States, Canada and more.

To document his adventures, Cole uses a small GoPro camera, a point and shoot camera and a DSLR camera.

Using three cameras may seem like a hassle but because Cole keeps up a very regular uploading schedule he makes sure his videos are of the highest quality.

Most users who consistently share their videos on YouTube upload them about once or twice a week. But for just over a year, or 368 days to be exact, Cole has posted a video every single day.

Though all of Cole’s videos pull you into his nomadic world, his recent trip to India is one of his most fascinating excursions to date.

Cole travels solo at times but in September of 2013 Louis and six of his friends (many of which are also filmmakers) made the trek to India to participate in the Rickshaw Run.

The Rickshaw Run is a race across the width of India, about 2,175 miles, completed in small, three-wheeled vehicles called rickshaws.

This may seem like a no-problem road-trip, but as Cole documented in his “India Adventure” series, it wasn’t as breezy as one might imagine.

The seven adventure seekers didn’t just participate in the Rickshaw Run so they could cross it off their bucket lists, though. They did it for charity, raising over $177,000 for Teenage Cancer Trust.

Though Cole may experience exhaustingly long flights, emergency hospital visits, and even stolen property in his travels, he makes sure his videos are never without optimism as he signs off each video with, “Peace out, enjoy life, live the adventure.”


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