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Towson students recieve spam email

19 February 2014 By Cody Boteler, Assistant News Editor 2 Comments

Some Towson students received an email claiming to be from “Townson University” that asked them to “validate [their] account” Tuesday at 4:08 p.m.
The email came from the account mabailey@towson.edu. The account belongs to Michael Bailey, assistant director of dining services.
Bailey said that he did not send the email, but that his account was taken over when he followed a link.
“[The link] was something similar to what [students received], it was asking me to validate my account,” he said.
Bailey said that he did not intentionally follow the link in the email, and that it happened because he was multitasking at the time.
Some students responded to the email, and received a response in turn. Bailey said that none of the emails related to the incident came from him.
“I didn’t respond back to anyone,” he said.
The Towerlight is waiting to hear back from the Office of Technology Services for comment on the issue.
Towson student Bridget Carrig said it wasn’t the first time she had received an email like that to her student email.
“I’ve been receiving them for the past few weeks now and just delete them,” Carrig said in an email.


  • April said:

    I received this very email last week. After contacting the OTS, they said it was a spam mail (as I suspected). I asked if they were going to send out an email to the student body to be aware and on the lookout or to ignore it, and they said first they wanted to see how many students were affected! Shame on them! How many people does it have to go to, I wonder, in order for it to be considered a significant enough problem to address it? Why are our school email addresses even at risk of being compromised? They need to address these problems ASAP, even if it just sending out an email to let students and faculty know that they should never validate their email addresses online and that they won’t be asked to do so, at the very least. It seems to me they are just trying to save face instead of doing what is right by the students. Thanks for nothing, OTS.

  • Rob Vibbentrop said:

    I’ll have Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam, eggs, sausage and Spam.

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