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Astrolo-holic: Vacation in the stars

12 March 2014 By Ashley Beall, Assistant Video Producer No Comments
Find the perfect travel method for your sign

It’s just about time for spring break, which means it’s time for vacation. While you may already know where you’re going, do you know how you’re getting there? Your star sign can influence how you like to travel.

Aries likes to get places fast, so they’d prefer something that can do that. Since teleportation hasn’t been invented yet, Aries would settle for a private jet or a sports car, but even those aren’t fast enough for the fiery ram.

Taurus would actually prefer not to go anywhere on vacation. They’re much more suited to staying home and relaxing there. However, the bull wouldn’t mind a nice ride out on a boat with a view.

Gemini likes to stay active, and would prefer to do things themselves. Their preferred method of travel is on a bike. Gemini also hates to do things alone, so they’d most likely talk a friend into traveling with them.

Cancer likes to plan a trip, so they need a car or van with a lot of space in it for packing and people. The crab loves to bring many items with them that remind them of home so that they don’t get homesick during their vacation.

Leo loves to travel with style, so they like transportation that’s as ostentatious as possible. What else would the lion choose but a BMW Limo? Not only is it a limo, but it’s also a limo that screams luxury.

Virgo sometimes thinks about living in a time period that’s not in the present. Their transportation styles can reflect that as well, as Virgos like the classic train and more futuristic all-electric cars like the Tesla.

Libra has a need for speed, but also a need for the wind in their hair as they fly down the road. A motorcycle is their favorite way to get around, but if they can’t have that, they’d settle for a car with a sunroof.

Scorpio almost always has some hidden interests in things that are weird and unique. If you talk to a Scorpio, you’re likely to find fascinating answers to how they’d like to travel, like in a submarine or on a hoverboard.

Sagittarius wants to feel like royalty, so they don’t mind spending a little extra to get that. The archer would gladly travel around the world on a first-class flight, because they know they’re worth it.

Capricorn may seem grounded most of the time, but they’re often dreaming about a glorious future. The goat would love to get as far away from the Earth as possible on vacation to let’s say, Mars? Give Capricorn a rocketship, and their dreams will come true.

Aquarius enjoys the trip itself more than the destination, so you’re likely to find them doing just that. They might book a helicopter flight to view the city, or rent out a hot air balloon for a romantic date in the sky.

Pisces doesn’t usually have anywhere too important to be, they’d rather just keep their head in the clouds. Pisces love to walk to get places because it allows them to think more clearly and be at one with nature.

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