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Bad Luck Brandi: Blacklisted from Jimmy’s Cab

12 March 2014 By Brandi Bottalico, Senior Editor No Comments

The first thing that should come to your mind on Fat Tuesday is free pancakes at IHOP. But this is the second year in a row that I went to IHOP and was told the line was too long for me to partake in the free pancake palooza. But surprisingly that wasn’t even the bad part of my Tuesday night. When I walked out to my car with my roommate I saw a huge dent under Betsy, my Toyota Highlander’s, passenger side taillight.

I had not noticed this throughout the day and think it happened in either the Fairways parking lot or in The Baltimore Sun parking garage when I was at my internship. As soon as I saw it I went around to all the other cars looking for signs that they were the perpetrator. I had no luck.

I gave up for the day, but let me tell you: Whoever did this, I will hunt you down. The day after I worked at The Towerlight all day and didn’t get back to my apartment until 11:30 p.m. I noticed there was a car in the lot that hadn’t been there the day I inspected everyone’s front end, so in the name of being thorough I gathered my bags and walked to the car two spots down from me. I squatted down, staring at their front bumper I began to touch it to see if any scratches

were apparent.

Then I slowly walked to the other side, in front of the driver’s seat, of the front bumper. My eyes followed the bumper

as I walked.

As I realized that there was no damage to the bumper, I walked away on the driver’s side of the car and as I was passing the driver’s door turned and saw two people sitting in the car starting at me. I walked away quickly, realizing how strange that had to come off.

Anyway, then on Friday my friends and I decided to go uptown. My roommate called Jimmy’s and she got up to go in the kitchen while she was hold and asked me to just answer if they picked up. They finally did and so I answered their questions, giving them my address and phone number. Then the woman on the line said that I had a note on my phone number that said I was not allowed to use the cab service. I was blacklisted apparently and I asked for what, and she said refusing to pay the cab driver. I knew exactly the incident they were talking about. When our cab got a flat tire on New Year’s Eve and we spoke to management to try and get at least a discount for waiting on the side of I-83 for our cab driver to replace his tire for 30 minutes. But the thing is I did pay. I told the woman that and she said she believes me but that I couldn’t request a cab on that number so I asked if I could just use my roommate’s number and she just echoed it asking who I assume was her manager if I could. Eventually I was defeated and handed the phone for my roommate to request the cab.

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