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New column: Paige Six

5 March 2014 By Paige Whipple, Columnist One Comment
Kardashian lover, Baltimore Style Magazine intern shares stories

Oh, hey everyone! When I said I would write a column for The Towerlight, I didn’t stop to think that there would potentially be tons of people reading it. Apparently stage fright translates to newspaper writing as well. (It’s a good thing I’m getting it out of the way since I’m a journalism major). I guess it’s too late to back out now.

For my first column, I wanted to introduce myself so everyone knows a little bit about me! I hate introductions, I’m that girl that cringes at the word “ice-breaker.” I don’t have any talents, do any magic tricks, or know the capitol of every country in Africa. So I never know what to tell people. I usually start with “I’m obsessed with Katy Perry.” Which is the truth, but I won’t use it in this instance. You’re welcome.

Obviously, my name is Paige and I am a mass communication major on the journalism track. I’m interning at Baltimore Style Magazine, which is amazing, as one would guess. I have a blog (paigemwhipple.com) where I write about life and try to make it humorous. I’d prefer it if you’d laugh with me, but you can laugh at me if that’s what it takes.

Hmm…what to put as the first “real” fact about myself that doesn’t have to do with school or career. This is a lot of pressure! Your first real impression of me. You’re going to find out eventually, so I’ll open with it and just get all the hate out of the way: I love the Kardashians. OK, OK, I know you think they’re worthless bee-yotches with no talent. But I think they’re entertaining (plus, they’re gorgeous!), and so do four million other people. Was that better or worse than opening with Katy Perry?

Next fact: “Heads Up!” is the thing to do. If you haven’t played, it’s an app created by another one of my celeb obsessions, Ellen DeGeneres. You put your phone on your forehead and words pop up on the screen: movies, celebrities, catchphrases, etc. Your friends then have to act out or explain the clues to you, and you guess as many as possible in a minute and fifteen seconds. The best part? It automatically records them charadeing, so you can save the hilarious videos for posterity. Or for popularity. Whichever.

This next fact isn’t nearly as fun as “Heads Up!”, but not everything can be. I went to a teeny tiny private high school, and my graduating class consisted of 62 people. We didn’t have a football team, which meant homecoming in January for basketball season! ( The enthusiasm is sarcastic.) In many ways, going to such a small high school was wonderful. I knew all my teachers, they all knew me, and I literally knew every single person I graduated with. I probably couldn’t tell you half of their names now, but back then I knew them.

I’ll make this my last and most interesting fact so that you actually want to read my column.

OK, I’ve got nothing.

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  • Morgan Murray said:

    Paige!! I am so happy you have a column congrats! I know you’ll do great and just wanted to show you some love. :)

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