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Q&A with country artist Dustin Lynch

23 March 2014 One Comment
Courtesy of Glenn Sweitzer

Courtesy of Glenn Sweitzer

The Towerlight talked to country artist Dustin Lynch, who will be performing at Paws March 28 for the Campus Activity Board’s Country Concert. Lynch debuted in the country scene in 2013 to praise from “Rolling Stone,” “ELLE magazine,” “Billboard” and “PEOPLE magazine.”

How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?

I love country music. I am a country music musician. I would consider us neo-traditional. It’s not the super-country twangy sound. I grew up listening to all sorts of music and I still love all sorts of music. I listen to everything from country to hip hop, rock, EDM, all that stuff.  I think that as a songwriter and artist, that all comes out when I’m writing and recording. So it’s a good mash-up. We have a lot of fun. We’ll cover pop songs. We’ll cover rock songs. It just depends on what kind of mood we’re in. My music is me. It’s country for sure.

What was it like touring with Keith Urban?

It was an amazing run. The Light the Fuse tour was a dream-come true. I still can’t believe we got to do it. You know, we were out on the road for about eight months with Keith and Little Big Town and got to play all over the country for a lot of new faces that we have not been in front of before. So I had a blast. It was an amazing ride, just learning from Keith about being a better entertainer, being a better musician and singer and songwriter. I watched every single show from out in the crowd or from the side of the stage and it would just soak all in. And more importantly, I learned what it takes to put on a tour of that caliber and that size from behind the curtain, backstage. And how he handled himself around all of those employees, it was a huge learning experience and hopefully we will get to do it again one day with Keith. I would love to.

How is work on the new album going?

It’s going good. We’re right in the middle of it and having so much fun making this second album. It’s kind of a dream come true to make a second album. You pray to have a first one and we’ve been lucky enough to have enough success to go in and do another one. So chapter two is coming along just fine. I’m really excited about the new direction I’m going and the new songs we have and we started playing those new songs out. So at our show there will be some new music, probably three or four new things. We’ll try them out and see how the crowd reacts. So it’s coming along just fine and probably going to be out later this year.

Have you played at college campuses before?

Yes, we love playing at college campuses. I actually got my start playing out and about at frat parties and sorority mixers and all that. So before I had my record deal, that’s what I was doing. I love playing on college campuses, the energy is always crazy. Me and my guys are pretty young and we still like to have fun and party. We live to be on stage and it’s kind of like we wait all day to get out there and play shows. So the energy level is high and we feed off the crowd and college kids seem to bring a lot of energy to the show so every time we get to play them, it’s always an amazing night and a memorable night.

What is it like to receive praise from magazines like “Rolling Stone” and “PEOPLE?”

It’s very humbling. Any sort of tip of the hat or pat on the back is an amazing thing, whether it’s “Rolling Stone” or a stranger at a show. I work really hard at trying to write the best songs I can write, record the best songs we can do, and to get recognized and praised by outlets such as those is something you dream about. It’s still kind of hard to believe. It doesn’t even feel real when it happens. So it is really neat, it’s very encouraging too. You’re kind of going, ‘alright, maybe we’re doing something right. Let’s keep on going down this road.’

What are your future plans?
My plan for the future is to keep making music that affects people in a positive way. That’s why I love to write songs. There’s no greater reward than having someone come up to you after a show or anywhere and say, ‘hey man, I like your music. Your songs really speak to me. They’ve become a part of me life in this way or that way.’ There’s no greater feeling. So I’ll continue to write music and record songs that can [affect] someone’s life like that. It’s an amazing thing how when you make music, sometimes you get lucky enough that it actually matters, so that’s my goal – to keep making music that affects people like that.


Why should Towson students come to your show?

I’m pretty sure that Towson students like to party. That’s what I’m told. And they like to dance and have a good time, kind of get in trouble and make some incredible memories, and that’s our goal. We want to get up there and, well I can’t really dance, I dance around like a fool, all of us do, but it’ll be a big old dance party and we’ll make a lot of memories.

My new single is called “Where It’s At,” that’s the first song off the new album so we’ll be debuting that for the Towson kids.


Tickets for the country concert are available at the University Union Box office or online at Ticketmaster.


–Compiled by Daryllee Hale

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  • Brett Marks said:

    Great interview with Dustin! If you like him check out Jerrod Niemann!!

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