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SGA treasurer explains student fee increase

12 March 2014 By Laura Martin, SGA Treasurer No Comments

Over the past few months here at Towson, there has been a great deal of conversation surrounding the topic of student fee increases, specifically the SGA fee. As the representative elected by my peers to manage the budget for which this fee will be contributing to, I feel as though it is my duty to inform the campus about what this fee increase will be used for. At Tuesday’s SGA meeting, legislation was passed endorsing a $2 increase for full-time undergraduate students per semester and a $1 per credit hour increase for part-time students. This fee is the mandatory Student Government Association fee, which annually will total $84 for full-time students and $4 for part-time students per credit hour.

This increase will contribute to student organizations on campus, and allow for a greater number of opportunities for student organizations to receive funding and grow. We are fortunate enough to have over 200 registered student organizations that are eligible to receive funding through the SGA, and as Towson becomes bigger and better, the number of organizations and their needs will continue to grow. Every organization registered through us has a purpose and it is our responsibility to allocate funds appropriately.

The additional revenue from this fee increase will allow for greater funding for student organizations, as well as the funding towards many new programs and initiatives throughout campus. The SGA has taken on the responsibility of funding various events and activities which benefit the entire student body. Some examples of items we assist in funding are the College Readership Program (access to The New York Times, USA Today etc.), Baltimore Collegetown Shuttle, the Prove-It! and Collaboration Funds, Campus Activities Board (the folks that put on TigerFest and other great programs), TigerTHON, and Relay for Life. In the past few years we’ve also supplemented athletic championship games, Soledad O’Brien coming to campus, those buses to Texas … basically if you can name it, the SGA was probably involved with it!

Being the Treasurer of the SGA I have found it extremely important to think about the future. The future is where we are all headed, and like many great leaders have said we need to look out for those who will be coming after us. Towson University is growing, some of us may not be here in the next five years, but as proud Towson Tigers, we want everyone to know that Towson is better than everyone else. Perhaps more importantly, we want future Tigers to know that Towson is better off than when we got here. We’ve grown so much as a university, and it is important to make sure that everyone can succeed in what they choose to do. Whether it’s joining a club or going to an athletic game, the SGA has got your back. If you want any information please stop by the SGA office in the University Union, Room 226, and a member of the SGA will be more than happy to meet with you.

Thank you,

Laura Martin


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