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Astroholic: Take a trip through time

30 April 2014 By Ashley Beall, Assistant Video Producer No Comments

This week, the Astrolo-holic is going to celebrate something that all the young kids call, “#TBT.”

Every Zodiac sign should have their own decade in which they belong, and for simplicity’s sake, we’re keeping to western culture’s stereotypes. Read on to discover which era you were meant to live in.

Aries is lively and energetic, and is extremely interested in finding new ways to do something. They’d love to live during the Renaissance, where everything is new and artsy and fun. It was the time of many artists, including Leonardo da Vinci, who was also an Aries.

Taurus would best be suited to live in the Medieval times. They’re fascinated with knights and gothic architecture. Plus, those who lived in this time period did not travel often, suiting the stay-at-home Taurus well.

Gemini would find themselves enjoying the roaring 20s the best. Flappers, swing dancing and first wave feminists are interesting enough, but they’d honestly just enjoy the lifestyle. Gemini hates traditions, and the 20s definitely broke away from a lot of those. And who doesn’t enjoy good jazz?

Cancer would, interestingly enough, like to live in the 90s. The housing market is fantastic in this decade, and if there’s anything the crab loves, it’s getting cozy at home and decorating the house. They want to show off their home décor knowledge to their friends and family, even if they prefer to use inflatable chairs.

Leo absolutely belongs in the 70s. Leo is flashy and ostentatious, just like this want-to-be-forgotten decade. While some may look back on it and cringe, we have to remember the baby boomer generation were just teenagers at the time. Virgo would of course live in modern times. They love to be up to date with new technology, and what better time than the present to be a part of all of that? Plus, they really want to see hoverboards invented before Marty McFly arrives.

Libra is extremely social, and loves to show off that skill. Thus, they’d do well living in the 50s. With all the gossip, hoop skirts and milkshake bars, they’d fit right in. Also, Greased Lightning anyone?

Scorpio is a rebel at heart, which is why they’d love to live in the 60s. Second-wave feminism meets anti-war rallies in an explosion that can only be explained by Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King Jr. being assassinated one year, and Woodstock and the moon landing the next.

Sagittarius already lives for love, sex and rock and roll, which is why the only decade for them is the 80s. Hair metal bands and rebellious teenagers defined the culture, just as they define today’s Sagittarians.

Capricorn is one of the best signs at saving for the future, so they might seem a bit boring to their peers. However, this trait would make them perfect for the 30s, where while everyone is suffering from the Great Depression, they’d still find a way to be economically stable.

Aquarius would live in the future, because in their heads, they already do. Their minds have new ideas that probably won’t be explored for another few decades, making them the pioneers of our time.

Pisces is one with nature, and is fascinated by the idea of what the earth was like before humans entered the picture. Because of this, they’d want to live when the Dinosaurs roamed the earth, even if the oxygen levels aren’t exactly suitable for homo sapiens yet.

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