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Bad Luck Brandi: BLB in Paranormal Activity 6

6 April 2014 By Brandi Bottalico, Senior Editor No Comments

My roommates and I have finally accepted that our apartment is cursed by the ghost of Chester Sr. that I flushed down the toilet months ago. The mouse spirit managed to have my roommate’s ceiling fall in, turn our water off on Thursday, shut our power off Friday and create a lingering smell that we can’t find the source of. So Friday, I began the day trying to make a smoothie, then realizing that my blender was broken so I ran to Target to buy a new blender, which I really couldn’t afford to purchase but I also couldn’t afford to throw away all the fruit in the now broken blender. I later showered in the dark which resulted in some razor burn and nicks from shaving my legs without being able to see exactly where my legs even were. Then, when my boyfriend and I started to make a cake for my mom’s birthday on Saturday, we realized that, as broke college students, my roommates and I don’t own an actual pan to bake cake in. But we did have these two circular ones. So we put the batter in those and just made it a layered cake, which surprisingly turned out well.

The next day, I woke up with a strange red rash on my face across my cheeks and my right arm. I still can’t figure out what from but assume I had an allergic reaction to something. I also was no longer comforted by the hope that no one would notice it after meeting my grandfather for my mom’s birthday lunch when he asked, “What’s wrong with your face?” After going to the birthday lunch, my mom wanted to go to the Live! Casino at Arundel Mills. I didn’t protest but in the back of my head wondered how you have fun at a casino with absolutely no money. I may joke about being poor a lot, but it is an honest truth. I just brought my coin collection to college to use the money I collected in my childhood, that’s how desperate I am. And if anyone wants to buy any of my possessions I’m accepting offers. Anyway, we went to the casino which was a lot of fun until the $30 my mom gave me to play with was long gone, which was actually only about 20 minutes after entering the casino.

As for now, my face has cleared up and the power is back so I’m ready for a fresh start to the week.

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