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Bookmarks: Abrams adventure

13 April 2014 By Laura Antonucci, Columnist No Comments

Featured on “The Colbert Report,” “S” by J.J. Abrams and Doug Dorst is an unorthodox novel, and if something like an adventure book can send Stephen Colbert into a hissy fit, then I think I need to read it. Like “Building Stories,” “S” is an investment of both dollars and minutes. However, I was not once disappointed when reading it.

The premise of the novel is convoluted, but I will do my best to explain. “S” is the title of the overall product, which is a fictional work written by a fictional author, with two people writing back and forth in the margins of the fictional work. If you’re still with me, great. The fictional novel within the novel “S” is titled “Ship of Theseus,” written by a mysterious author named V.M. Straka. The two people writing in the margins of the book within the book are Jen and Eric, an undergrad student and an expunged graduate student, respectively. They communicate through pen notes throughout the entire book, and include postcards, pictures, full letters and other bits and pieces they collect on adventures to try and figure out who the real V.M. Straka was.  The book within a book begins to take a back seat to the character development of Jen and Eric. Trying to make sense of the adventure novel tinged with mystery on top of reading all the events that Jen an Eric go through gave me a fantastic headache. However, it was awesome. J.J. Abrams brings to the book the same kind of excitement he brings to his movies. There is a ton of plot movement, character development and emotions running high, and if you can keep up with his movies, you can keep up with this book.

I, personally, am a fan of anything adventurous. Give me Indiana Jones over Bridget Jones any day. “S” brings the adventure, in more than just reading the book within the book – no spoilers! There is a lot to “S,” and if you don’t even want to think about a complicated work of fiction during the semester, then pass on this one. But definitely pick it up during the break.

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