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Experiencing an Annapolis tradition, croquet

19 April 2014 By Brandi Bottalico, Senior Editor No Comments

So last weekend I got to participate in an Annapolis tradition… the St. John’s College versus the Naval Academy croquet tournament. Essentially every year hundreds of Annapolitans dress up in their biggest sun hats, fanciest sun dresses and break out some bow ties and monocles. The St. John’s team always dresses in a costume for the match and the naval academy always wears their traditional white uniforms. The match, not surprisingly, doesn’t seem to be the highlight of the shindig. Everyone brings in cigars and classy picnics and buys bottles of wine or beer.

So it sounds like the epitome of classiness but that was not the exact case. I thoroughly enjoyed my wine, which made me a little silly and want to take a nap under my sunhat during the match. But some people apparently enjoyed their libations to a greater extent. After finding my way through the crowds to the portable bathrooms, I waited in line for a bit. I got some compliments on my sun hat and told them if they liked my hat, they should see my boyfriend’s. No worries, I gave him one of mine for the day. He didn’t happen to own one. Then it was finally my turn for the bathroom. I was warned from the woman before me that it wasn’t very pretty in there, but really when ever is a portable bathroom a nice sight?

I opened the door and with low expectations in mind was still surprised. The floor, right in front of the toilet had a pile of vomit. But with a full bladder and a wine buzz, I really didn’t mind. I put a kitten heel on each side of the pile, used my yoga balancing skills to lean forward and squatted. But of course forgetting my phone was in the top of my dress, it fell out during my balancing act into the vomit I was trying so hard to avoid. I picked it up and the only contaminated part seemed to be the front of my white phone case. I left the bathroom, peeling the phone case off, careful not to touch the nasty part. When I found my boyfriend I made sure to sternly warn him to not touch the case when he reached for it, asking why I took it off. Then I decided that throwing it on the ground was the best option.

The next day my mom said she saw in the paper that Navy won. I don’t think I was the only attendee who didn’t know the result of the game. We were just there for the experience.

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