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Girl meets Kronum ‘goal’

16 April 2014 By Daryllee Hale, Arts and Life Editor No Comments
Symone Garvett/ The Towerlight

Symone Garvett/ The Towerlight

When sophomore Jessica Lampron went to her first Kronum practice a few weeks ago, she wasn’t expecting to set a record.


“I was like ‘OK, maybe I’ll try it,’” Lampron, an elementary education major, said. “So I practiced with them and then I went back the next week and I went back the next week.”


After just two practices, Lampron competed in her first tournament. She played in her third tournament April 12 and became the first female to score a throwing goal in the new sport, which includes four ringed goals on a circular field.


“It was really cool because that was one of my goals for a little while,” Lampron said. “For a couple weeks I’ve been working on my throws and I was trying really hard in the first few games.”


Junior Skyler Jenkins, president of the TU Kronum club, said that Lampron’s achievement makes the rest of the team proud.


“We are the only club that’s been promoting to make Kronum co-ed,” Jenkins said. “Two months ago, one of the pros noticed we had girls playing and he told us he couldn’t wait for a girl to score a throwing goal. She practiced every day and she got it.”


Lampron said that her hard work was worth the goal.


“I kept taking shots and kept getting passes, kept taking shots, and kept missing or I’d get blocked,” Lampron said. “And then finally, finally, I got the shot off and it went over everyone and it went to the top left corner. It was cool.”


Her throwing goal was only step one for Lampron. Next, she said she is focusing on scoring a “kronum,” a ring shot from a certain section of the field, called the prime ring or cross zone.


And while Towson’s club has some female participants, Lampron said that most participation in the sport is by males. She encourages more girls to get involved.


“At my first two tournaments, I was the only girl, not just on Towson’s team but at the whole tournament,” she said. “We could use some more females on the field just to balance things out a little bit more.”


And the sport is welcoming to anyone who wants to join, Lampron said.


“I think everyone should get involved with Kronum just because it’s awesome,” she said. “Every chance I get, I’m talking about it. Like if there’s a lull in the conversation, it’s like ‘Kronum.’ My friends are getting kind of tired of hearing about it.”


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