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Holi back with splash of color

13 April 2014 By Adiya Perkinson, Contributing Writer 6 Comments
Sarah Hugel/ The Towerlight

Sarah Hugel/ The Towerlight

Towson’s South Asian Student Association brought a splash of color to Towson’s usually black and gold campus Saturday in its second annual Holi Festival.

The festival is an Indian tradition celebrating the coming of spring.

The actual Holi run (similar to the extremely popular Color Run) made up the first half of the event. Runners jogged around campus while volunteers threw colored powder at various stations along the route.

Participants then came together on Newell field to enjoy Indian food, a live DJ and a Bollywood performance from the South Asian Students Association’s dance team.

Towson’s Holi Festival has done nothing but improve over time with the addition of Indian foods this year, Rohan Mandaiker, a SASA member who helped plan the event, said.

“This year we really wanted to focus on more cultural food and more cultural music,” Mandaiker said.

Two classic Indian dishes were served: samosas (fried dough stuffed with potatoes, peas, and spices) and gulaab jamun (a dessert comparable to a donut hole rolled in cinnamon and syrup).

Mandaiker said the event had an overall turnout of about 250 people.

“A lot of new people have shown up, new faces,” Mandaiker said. “It’s been excellent to have the whole school really get involved in this and not just one fraction of a particular group.”

Event planner Chanda Kumar said that those who did not attend this year’s Holi Festival will have the chance next year.

“A lot of people have come up and told me that it was so much fun and that they’d love to come again next year,” Kumar said. “We definitely will be having it next year too.”


  • Uh URG? said:

    So what happened to URG cohosting the event? Pretty sure URG started this event last year and footed the entire bill.

  • uh No said:

    What URG did was appropriate a cultural event and made it all about them. Luckily a much better exec board was in charge of URG this time. That way the event didn’t become some whitewashed event that URG could take all the credit for…

  • UH URG said:

    I think you mean it was a a better SASA board. They at least got their budget in on time.

  • UH URG said:

    Because clearly. Last year also SASA didn’t even volunteer properly. Kudos to them for their work on the event! Just stating that this article only talks about them and not URG at all.

  • Still No said:

    If by “didnt volunteer properly” you mean manned every station while URG stayed on walkie talkies then sure. In addition, we’ll call it even that this article doesn’t mention URG since last year’s URG took all the credit for a “color run” and calling an ancient Hindu tradition, his brainchild. Yep just about even is all URG is getting.

  • URG needs some cred said:

    URG basically funded this whole event. Regardless of who stood at stations and threw color, URG bought all the food, t shirts, and powder. SASA only bought the D,J. I don’t say this to diminish SASA, they do an excellent job of keeping the cultural integrity. I only say this to reinforce the fact that this was a URG sponsored event done in collaboration with SASA.

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