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Jimmy Fallon, a worthy man crush

9 April 2014 By Paige Whipple, Columnist No Comments

Jimmy Fallon is the love of my life and I’m not afraid to admit it. I was a fan of Jimmy back when he was on The Late Show, but unlike all my fellow college students, I am extremely sleep oriented.

Even now that he’s on earlier, a 12:35 bedtime is way too late for this gal. So I rarely watched him when he was on Late Night (except for during the summer), but when I did, I felt a connection to him.

No, no, I’m not a creeper. I know I also said last week that I feel connected to the O’s players. Well I’m just an emotional person, OK?? Cut me some slack here.

When I found out Jimmy would be taking over for Jay Leno, I began counting down to his debut. I love that he’s young, I love that he’s honest, I love that he has an adorable baby and I love that he laughs during his routines and interviews. If Jimmy’s laughing, it makes everything he’s saying 100-times funnier. To add to that, he’s also the sweetest man alive. Every time he introduces someone, he says the nicest things about them and never says anything bad about anyone. Except Rob Ford, but that’s some of the best material he does.

I think I’m in the minority when it comes to taste in humor. I’m not a Will Ferrell fan (I only liked him in “The Other Guys”) and I thought “21 Jump Street” qualified as one of the worst movies ever made. Oh man, I can feel the judgment and hatred of every college kid in the world falling onto me right now. Am I going to get thrown in a trash can for saying that?

Jay Leno never tickled my funny bone, although he’s obviously great at what he does. But Fallon is such a change-up — he’s totally different than Leno. His “#hashtag” skit with Justin Timberlake will make you fall in love. If you haven’t seen it already, you’re way behind the curve. #hashtaggetwithit #hashtagLOL. Seriously, just search “#hashtag” on YouTube and it will come up.

He’s also incredibly musically inclined. When Russell Crowe made an appearance, Russell sang a Johnny Cash song and Jimmy played the harmonica. The harmonica! No one plays that anymore. And it was so cool. I wanted to take harmonica lessons. In addition to that, Jimmy sings and plays guitar, and he also re-creates songs with his show’s band, The Roots, and the original artist. (Attention all you “Frozen” fans: They did a version of “Let It Go” with Idina Menzel. Again, YouTube.)

Clever is the name of the game for Fallon. Sticky Balls, a game he played with Daniel Radcliffe, hardly compares to his intense Water War with Lindsay Lohan. Most recently, he wanted to buy a truck. Pumpkin season is coming up! Anyway, rather than go out and buy a truck like a normal person, Jimmy decided to make it a game, title it “Fingers on a 4×4” and include the segment in the show.

Basically, 10 Ford reps from around the country flew to New York City for the contest. What did they have to do, you ask. Well, they had to keep their fingers on a 4×4. Fallon had a truck lifted onto the top of an aircraft carrier, and the contestants had to put one hand on the truck and keep it there at all times. The last contestant standing with one hand on the truck got to sell it to Jimmy. They got bathroom breaks of course, but it wasn’t pretty: It lasted for a whopping 38 hours.

The best part was that they had a live stream channel on YouTube, so viewers could check in on their favorite contestants at any time of the day or night.

Now I will implore you to watch Fallon at least once this week if you don’t already. I have every confidence that he will charm you and sweet talk you into loving him.

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