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Movie Stars: Depp ‘transcends’ past roles

23 April 2014 By Ryan Permison, Columnist No Comments

Technology continues to expand every year around the world. We may not be too far off from having a supercomputer that has artificial intelligence, along with human emotions.

This is the premise of “Transcendence.” Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) is the lead researcher on artificial intelligence, along with his wife, Evelyn (Rebecca Hall).

A radical anti-technology group targets Caster by shooting hum with a radiation laced bullet.

With only a few weeks to live, Evelyn decides to upload Caster’s consciousness to the supercomputer they helped build, along with their friend Max Waters (Paul Bettany).

It is not soon after that Will’s thirst for intelligence and power grows beyond measure.

The idea for this film may have looked great on paper, but it does not translate very well to film.

It is good to see Johnny Depp play a normal human role, instead of the goofy characters he has played in the last few years.

Plus, actually seeing Paul Bettany on screen following all these years playing the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S in the “Iron Man” films was refreshing.

The rest of the supporting cast does the best they can with a weak script.

There were a few plot holes and one loose end that was not tied up.

Sometimes it works well for the movie, not so much in this case. I give “Transcendence” six out of 10.

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