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PopSyd: Collabs that would be fab

30 April 2014 By Sydney Adamson, Associate Art Director One Comment

Music consumes my thoughts about 95 percent of the time. Of the remaining 5 percent, I use about 4 percent of it to think about fashion and coffee, while the final 1 percent is used to worry about the crazy amount of work I almost always need to get done.

But because I’m mostly thinking about music, I end up daydreaming about what would happen if this artist and that artist hit the studio together. I’m not completely sure what the answer is, but I would definitely love to listen if these artists gave it a shot.

Flume & Sam Smith. During the first weekend of Coachella, DJ Flume dropped his remix of Lorde’s tune “Tennis Court” on his audience and they ate it right up. So it seems like he’s doing something right. I’ve been obsessing over the remix ever since it became available online, but I could use another song to add to my playlist. Enter: Sam Smith. You probably know Smith as the voice on Naughty Boy’s song “La La La.” Or it’s possible you saw his performance on SNL earlier this spring, but if not, well… you’re missing out. Smith hits notes I didn’t even know existed and does so with ease and grace, which is especially evident on his tune “Nirvana.” I think it’s high time Flume and Smith worked some remix magic on the track.

Bea Miller & Haim. Bea Miller is a former X-Factor U.S. contestant and although she didn’t hold one of the top spots, the spunk and talent of her live performances still made an impression on me. Now two years later at just 15 years old, Miller is making more honest music than that of many of the young musicians today (I’m lookin’ at you Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande and Selena Gomez). Which is why she needs to team up with Haim. The band of three sisters has brought a crazy combo of laid back 80’s rocker vibes to the mainstream music scene. If Bea threw her amazing pipes and summer sounds in with Haim’s signature synth, I probably wouldn’t listen to anything else for days.

Bleachers & Lorde. Yes, yes I know I’ve already talked about Lorde, but it’s different this time, promise. Lorde is incredibly honest with her lyrics and it’s been said that she writes directly from her real life experiences. Although Bleachers takes a very straightforward approach to his (“his” as in Jack Antonoff, the mastermind behind Bleachers) lyrics, the same honestly can be seen in the songs he has released thus far. I think collaboration between Bleachers and Lorde would make for some powerful, one-of-a-kind lyrics. If a music video was made with the two, it would surely be interesting to watch, too.

Ed Sheeran & Justin Timberlake. It wouldn’t be a PopSyd music column if I didn’t mention Ed Sheeran. But do I even need to explain why these two talented dudes should work together? Nah, didn’t think so. (If you’re still unsure, just follow this simple formula: Ed + Justin = <3).

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  • kalie said:

    These are some cool match-ups. I would be most interested to hear Lorde and Bleachers but that might just be because I’ve been on a Bleachers kick lately. “Shadow” is a great song!

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