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Staff Editorial: Towerlight to print once a week, online email daily

13 April 2014 By Towerlight Staff 3 Comments

When the members of current Towerlight staff were in elementary school, The Towerlight didn’t have a video department. It didn’t have podcasts. TheTowerlight.com was still taking baby steps toward where it is now. Social media was nonexistent.

Over time, all media outlets must change to adapt with the times. Our newspaper has grown to be more than just a newspaper. We are now on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and have videos on YouTube, picture slideshows and large photo illustrations.

And today, The Towerlight staff would like to announce the next step in The Towerlight’s evolution. Starting next semester, we will be circulating our newsletter (called “Towerlight Today”) on a daily basis, Monday through Thursday. Many of you already subscribe to this publication, which is circulated twice a week along with each print publication, but we have decided to grow this online-only publication to much more.

As part of this shift pushing more of our resources toward our online assets, we will be changing the print publication. The Towerlight print edition will now appear once per week, on Tuesdays, rather than twice per week. We switched to twice per week years ago to be more timely. Monday editions allowed us to recap the weekend, while Thursday issues previewed the weekend. But with Towerlight Today going daily, we no longer need to print twice-weekly. Printing on Tuesdays will allow us to both preview and review, and Towerlight Today will fill in the gaps.

So, for the first of what will be many, many times before the semester ends, we are urging the Towson community to sign up for our newsletter online. You can sign up on our website, and we will be plugging the sign-up form on our Twitter and Facebook pages. In two weeks, we will begin sending out the newsletter on a daily basis. During that time, we will be circulating sign-up sheets in classes, tabling outside the Union and pushing the form online. Signing up for Towerlight Today will give you the most up-to-date information on Towson’s campus and community, sending you the top stories from each day directly to your inbox, which will link back to our website.

The print publication will not change much. There will be some overlapping content, for example, a story from a Saturday football game will appear both online and in print. But, there’ll be some content that shows up first in print, or shows up only online, so keep your eyes peeled on both publications to stay informed.

We will continue to produce print editions with intriguing cover stories, eye-catching illustrations and photos and the strong writing readers expect.

We are looking forward to this next step in Towerlight history. This format change will open plenty of opportunities for the paper to grow, and for us to embrace the general direction journalism is heading in the 21st century.

Again, be sure to sign up for Towerlight Today immediately, and be ready for our daily publication to be the first thing that shows up in your email in the morning. We thank you for following us into this new chapter of The Towerlight’s history.


  • Classified Sydney said:

    And the next step in this evolutionary series is to stop printing The Tower light all together! I hope that day is fast approaching!

  • Me too, Sydney said:

    Me too, Sydney. If for no other reason, you may have free time to do something useful with your day. Lord knows you waste so much of it trolling hard working peers.

  • MeThreeSydney said:

    The quality of “work” churned about by the yoyos who are at the Towerlight now is an embarrassment to the quality that the paper used to be. Bad spelling, grammar, poor sourcing, and boring subjects make this a high school paper at best in recent years. Sad that the reputation that so many had built up has been trashed and is now going the way of Deadspin.

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