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TU Global: Leaders make blatant contradictory statements

27 April 2014 By Jake Ulick, Columnist No Comments

Our international leaders are officially breeding the world’s most tolerant generation in history. And where does this tolerance live and grow? Well I’m glad you allowed me to rhetorically ask! It lives in the blatant contradictory statements these leaders make of course.

As of recently, the needle measuring whose fault it was this time for ruining peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians has moved back and forth considerably between the two.  You don’t give us prisoners, we don’t negotiate. You don’t stop settling on our lands, we shoot rockets. You don’t…And so on and so forth. While I am by no means making a statement of who has the moral high ground in this age-old conflict (because it really is painfully complicated and I hate when people have opinions that they don’t fully understand), I think it’s safe to say that the certain moves by the Palestinian Authority are responsible for the most recent round of talks ending only in headlines saying “Peace talks fail.”

In short, this past week the PA announced a unity government deal between Fatah, one of the main groups of the Palestinian Liberation Organization that also controls parts of the West Bank, and Hamas who governs the Gaza Strip. Fatah and Hamas are both political factions competing for control, the only difference being that Hamas is recognized by the U.S., Israel and other European countries as a terrorist organization and is responsible for many attacks on Israelis.  As most would assume, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu cancelled further negotiations after the unity deal announcement. PA President Mahmoud Abbas later said that the alignment with Hamas will “be on his own terms” and that he will still be in charge of negotiations.

Regardless, that would only be reassuring if and only if Hamas’s charter didn’t call for the destruction of the Jewish state of Israel, contradiction no. 1. But let’s be honest, if the PA hadn’t aligned itself (publicly) with a terrorist organization what are the chances that peace talks and negotiations wouldn’t have fallen through for some other reason? Very unlikely.

The other interesting contradiction is Mr. Abbas’s most recent statement of the following: “What happened to the Jews in the Holocaust is the most heinous crime to have occurred against humanity in the modern era.” The statement came in light of the annual commemoration of the Holocaust in Israel.

Again, I’m not asserting my expertise or opinion on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, who’s right or who’s wrong, or what a proper solution would be. But I, or anyone who decided to read into the issue with minimal background knowledge could come to the conclusion that unifying your government with a known terrorist organization that has it out for the country you’re intending make peace with and gain concessions from isn’t a great way to start figuring that out. Neither is making a lousy public statement acknowledging the Holocaust. I understand that many Palestinians view the work of Hamas as being in defense of their land but the contradiction between terrorism and holocaust acknowledgement doesn’t work in diplomacy when the whole world is watching.

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