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Bookmarks: A fantasy, fan favorite

11 May 2014 By Laura Antonucci, Columnist 2 Comments

With the movie adaptations split into three parts, I decided to re-read “The Hobbit” to refresh my memory. The novel itself is short and fun, unlike the movie that pulls from all the extras to add to the original story. I recommend reading the book as the focus is on the adventure of Bilbo and the dwarves, with minimal derivation from that story and incorporation of side characters.

The prequel to “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy, “The Hobbit,” describes how Bilbo Baggins acquires the Ring of Power. It is a standalone story, and the Ring of Power is almost a side story to the overall arc. The actual story of “The Hobbit” is a bit of a convoluted adventure, with Bilbo and 12 dwarves going to reclaim lost treasure. Yes, it’s the original fantasy story, and yes, it’s an adventure.

When I said the story arc for “The Hobbit” was convoluted, I was not kidding. There are twists, turns and unexpected plot developments on every few pages, and it feels like an adventure just to get to the main point of the story, which is to fight a dragon to get treasure. The characters must also battle orcs and giant spiders, which isn’t a surprise, especially if you have seen parts one and two of the trilogy. The majority of “The Hobbit” is one surprise after another, and that includes introducing a new character in the third act. An aspect of “The Hobbit” that I think should be made known is the amount of songs Bilbo improvises. It’s a side note, but it’s something I was definitely not prepared for during my first read-through the novel.

I, personally, am a bigger fan of the book. While it does go over the top with side plots, the ending is great. No annoying loose ends, everyone goes home happy. You could watch all three parts of the trilogy, or you could save yourself about seven hours and just read the book.



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    I would never pay one cent for this sub par writing.

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