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Bookmarks: Pictures speak louder than words

4 May 2014 By Laura Antonucci, Columnist No Comments

This one is for all you art majors, people in art history or those who just want a book with pictures. Sometimes you need a break from reading all of those tiny letters and endless pages, and want to look at something else.

“Vincent Van Gogh” by Isabel Kuhl is, as the title suggests, all about Van Gogh. Yes, it has writing in it, but the tiny letters don’t actually start until after 33 wonderful pages of large-print quotes and reproductions of Van Gogh’s most famous works. The Impressionist Movement is my favorite art aesthetic after Art Deco, and Van Gogh is tied for first place with Monet as my favorite impressionist. So yeah, I love his art work, have seen it in person and could stare at it for hours. And to all you Whovians– yes, the Van Gogh episode made me cry. That being said, this is a great introductory book to all things Vincent Van Gogh.

“Vincent Van Gogh” has six chapters that discuss the main themes of Van Gogh’s life: His self-portraits, letters to his brother, his black phase, his pink and yellow phase, his biography and finally a list of illustrations. The text in the book is concise and doesn’t waste valuable space. The majority of the pages are filled with reproductions of anything and everything Van Gogh did.

From all the major paintings to the lesser known ones, the self-portraits, sketches and actual letters from Vincent to his brother Theo. Everything is printed on glossy paper in the best quality you could ask for — the next best thing would actually be standing in front of it on display.

Biased opinions aside, I know this book is for a specific audience. I know not everyone is going to know, care or appreciate every single page that is in this book. But I do encourage everyone to at least glance through it. Van Gogh’s works are more common than even I had realized, being printed on everything from messenger bags to journal covers, and you might just find a new favorite piece. If not, at least you got some culture.

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