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Ed Desk: The end of Wednesdays

7 May 2014 By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief No Comments

When I got into the shower Wednesday morning, it finally hit me. This would be the last time I’d ever have to produce an issue of The Towerlight on a Wednesday.

Besides my own selfish reasons of hating to stay until midnight on a Wednesday, only to get up for class early the next morning, I can’t believe how exciting of a time this is for The Towerlight.

As (hopefully) everyone knows by now, the issue you have in your hands will be the last Thursday edition of The Towerlight ever. In order to be more timely, we are switching to a daily online format through our newsletter, Towerlight Today, and will be printing once per week on Tuesdays.

So frame it, encase it in carbonite, cryogenically freeze it, whatever floats your boat. The point is, this is Towerlight history people!

For me, it’s been crazy to see how The Towerlight has transformed in my three years here.

Looking back at what the paper used to look like when I was a freshman (the cover photo once was a picture of the animal guy at TU After Hours holding a lemur) to what it is now (us making magazine covers of Terrance West looking like a beast) I can’t help but be excited for our readers.

Each issue, we are pushing ourselves to do better. We are always trying to write better stories, find that extra source, make the headlines catchier and just make the paper look better aesthetically.

Sometimes, that doesn’t work out the way we planned (anyone looking for the puzzles solutions from last issue?) but we are always finding ways to make your Towerlight better.

The underclassmen reading this won’t even remember the first redesigned issue of the paper. Gone were actual leads or bylines on cover. They were replaced with cutouts of dancers, large photos and illustrations and teasers for our YouTube channel.

Even since then, the look of the paper as changed. This year, we added our new and very popular Jobs section, replaced the video teaser with a QR code and switched to larger illustrations on cover.

And, not to give too much away, but Monday’s edition will be the last calendar page you ever see (we have some exciting plans for that).

The personnel at The Towerlight are always changing on a semester-by-semester basis, but the one thing that stays consistent is that we take pride in our work. It may not always be perfect, but we are still working every day to produce the best content for our readers, and we will continue that drive in our next phase of The Towerlight.

I’m sure we’ve said it enough already, but everyone needs to be signed up for our newsletter (look at the right side of thetowerlight.com) so that you can see this work put into motion. You’ll be getting our best content every day delivered right to your inbox in the morning.

The point is, we’re excited for the next phase of The Towerlight, and I’m excited for our readers. In the end, the readers are always the ones who win, because we’re the ones pushing to better ourselves.

I really encourage the juniors and seniors reading this to go online or just look in your room for an older issue of the paper and compare the two, and tell me that we haven’t improved over the years.

This isn’t to hurt the feelings of any past editors (sorry Lauren and Jeremy, you guys are great too) but it’s the nature of a college paper. We learn from our mistakes, and those lessons are passed down from editorial board to editorial board over time.

So, before you encase this in carbonite (only to release it three years down the road when you really want to solve that extra Sudoku puzzle, or “some who loves” The Towerlight frees it) I want you to look at the paper all the way through and then email me, tell me in person, Tweet at me, whatever. And tell me what you want to see your Towerlight look like in the future.

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