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Paige six: Semester life lessons

7 May 2014 By Paige Whipple, Columnist No Comments

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the last Thursday of the school year! We did it. Take a sigh of relief, congratulate yourself, watch your favorite movie or hit your favorite ice cream spot. Go to bed nice and early to catch up on four months worth of sleep…and then start stressing out about finals. Just kidding! Hopefully everyone is all studied up and ready to go with no big projects still left to do. (All you procrastinators out there!)

With each passing semester, I find that I learn something new about myself and about life. I’m sure everyone has those moments: You sit back and realize, “Wow, I did really well at ________” or “I sure hope I never do ________ again.”

Whether that be rocking at group projects or choosing to not rock at the bar 12 hours before a test, I’m sure you have at least one of those things. If you don’t, I have a list of things that you should have learned this semester.

Firstly, you should have learned not to procrastinate. Everyone should know that by their second semester of college, but 95 percent of students just don’t get it. If you don’t cut it to the last hour to finish that project, maybe you wouldn’t be so stressed and maybe (just maybe) you wouldn’t get such a bad grade. Although there are exceptions to the rule, some people can write a 10-page paper the night before and get an “A.” To you I say, bravo. But you still should not procrastinate; it adds so much stress to your life!

The next thing you should have learned? The Tigers athletics program is on fire! Our football team totally killed this year, and hello, we have a player in the NFL draft. Terrance West is projected to be drafted in the third round. Not too shabby. I’m hoping he becomes a Raven. We’re all rooting for you, Terrance! The basketball team was also that close to making the NCAA tournament. Next year is going to be the year of the Tigers — I’d fear a Tiger over a Turtle any day.

Last but certainly not least, you should have learned how capable you are. Every semester, I know someone who says, “I don’t know how I made it through this semester!” You made it through the semester because you are smart, capable, talented and wonderful. I know, I know, I should be a motivational speaker. I’m totally serious though. Every semester throws struggles and roller coasters your way. But regardless of who you are or how high your tolerance for stress, you made it. For that, I am proud of you.

I’m certainly not crying that the school year is over—finally. But I am glad that I got through it and learned all these lessons. I hope you learned them too. Am I missing any life lessons from this semester’s experiences? Let me know what you think!

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