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TU Global: A chance to learn

11 May 2014 By Jake Ulick, Columnist No Comments

The social democratization of the bourgeois in a post-modern, post-colonial, neo-conservative societal context in which the establishment plays a pivotal role in the perpetuation of classical stratification… nah, I’m just kidding.

I’m not going to bore you with things that I don’t understand.

How could I be disloyal to my readers?

I’m sad to say that this will be the final installment of “TU Global,” for in the fall I will be taking my cynicism and lack of humor abroad to Rome for the semester.

So to all six Towson students including my roommate, my editors (who have to read it to make sure I don’t say anything that would offend our investors, just kidding again), mom, dad and Ms. Debbie from the Glen, thank you for listening to me whine from my keyboard about whatever was on my mind at 6 a.m. every Sunday.

I was really dreading this school year in the months leading up to last August.

I had been accepted into schools that were a bit more appealing to me, but I decided to come here for a year to take care of some gen eds.

Although I still plan on transferring in the spring after my semester abroad, I have to say that having a spot to talk about the things that were on my mind and that I couldn’t articulate verbally without writing them down by a 10 a.m. deadline was a privilege, even if that sounds sarcastic.

I’m extremely thankful to Jon Munshaw for giving me this opportunity to write and expose myself to a wider audience throughout the year, even though some of my columns might not have made it to his inbox until 10:01 a.m.

In writing this column, regardless of the wide variety of topics that I’ve covered, I’ve learned a few things and also had some of my own ideas reinforced; one of which being that people can be stupid and blinded by their opinions.

And when I say stupid I don’t mean “You worthless piece of trash I hope your house burns down.”

But things can change so quickly nowadays.

People lie and make inaccurate predictions, make false claims, the aisles that divide the two sides that we always refer to are becoming progressively blurred and people are just searching for easy answers.

So in my opinion (ironically), you can never be too sure about anything.

I went into this year with that notion and only had it drilled into my head further.

That’s why I always try to remain impartial, objective, but still critical, skeptical and analytical.

But at the same time I know I’m not perfect.

This is the opinion section for heaven’s sake.

But the best perspective for the long-term is expressed perfectly by Socrates, which makes me think that he didn’t actually write this but whatever: “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.”

Obviously this isn’t meant to be taken literally because if nobody knew how to make scrambled eggs or manufacture deodorant…well I won’t go there.

But as for something totally new that I haven’t learned as much as I have just discovered, if you haven’t noticed I tend to harp on social media, technology, the Internet and the pervasiveness of that combination in our everyday lives a lot.

This topic intrigued me in high school especially after the Kony 2012 incident and is a good chunk responsible for putting me on the track toward journalism.

The more and more I looked into it, trying to figure out how social media impacted this, how technology has changed that, asking everyone around campus what life would be like without Facebook and then writing about it, I’ve only confused myself more.

And chances are that as the digital world continues to evolve and expand, I’m only going to go more insane.

But that’s OK because even though (and I don’t want to say this with that tone of “I knew that band before they were popular!” but I’m going to do it anyway) the majority of our generation is a bit late to the game, in terms of questioning the strangely important place that social media occupies in our lives, at least we’re all starting to wake up a bit.

And that’s why I think that this generation isn’t bound for lazy, narcissistic, smart phone-induced failure.

As long as we continue to investigate and question the world around us, I think we’ll all turn out just fine.

Just no more selfies, that has to stop.

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