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Guide to TU Athletics

22 August 2014 By Matt Hamilton, Sports Editor No Comments

Towson sports have been on the rise over the past few years, so the number of Towson students and fans attending games has been increasing as well.

The more fans that pack the seats at SECU Arena and Johnny Unitas Stadium, the better.

However, we can’t have thousands of inexperienced fans clamoring on at these games.

No, there is uniformity to being a Tigers fan.

For the freshmen and inexperienced upperclassmen, I’m here to give you a survival guide to Towson sporting events.

Trust me, you’ll need it.


1. Cheer

This may seem like a completely unnecessary rule for going to a game, but you’d be surprised how many Towson students fail to clap their hands together for a touchdown or extend their arms for a fist pump after a thunderous dunk.

This is not a tip. Rather, a requirement. Don’t be that person who sits down in the front rows during a football or basketball game.

If you do, you’ll be sure to hear a few raucous fans screaming at you to get up. Save the abuse and stand up and cheer your team on already!


2. Learn the fight song

Hail to Towson Tigers! Be the coolest guy in the crowd (or the craziest to many), and learn the entire fight song.

You’ll be a step up on many seniors and juniors who only know the “Fight, Fight, Tigers Fight” part of the song.

The band knows every word to this song, so make them feel a little less like cheerleaders and more like part of a giant contingent of fans. We are Towson and we should know our fight song. I should probably go learn it now.


3. Eat beforehand

Whether you are planning to pregame and tailgate like a champ (and then in some cases not even go to the game) or simply going to watch some football, you need to eat before. The concessions at Towson games are far too expensive and far too limited.

Save for some nachos and other hot treats, there’s not much to offer at these stands. You’d be much better off using a meal or points and getting all you can eat at a dining hall than if you used your own money at a game.


4. Wear Towson colors, always

Please, whatever you do at these games, do it with black and yellow on. You don’t want to be the person wearing green pastels or a purple hoodie to a William & Mary or James Madison game, respectively.

If you want to be a part of the Towson fan base, you have to wear the colors of your school.

If you don’t have any, find a school event that gives out free T-shirts and head toward it. There are sometimes too many free T-shirts for a student to handle. I certainly have forgotten about a few of my free T-shirts, but on the off chance that I need a ninth-string one, it would be there for me.


5. Go and stay

The best way to be a Towson fan is to be at the game. Far too many times do I look at the stands from the press box and I see them        half full.

That can’t happen when you are in the middle of a postseason run and part of one of the most successful years in your school’s history.

Be at the game and show you care. But while you’re at it, why don’t you stay a while? Nothing beats a full game’s admission. Please just stick through it and do whatever you were going to do a little later.

I know the parties are popping by the end of the game, but if you are the life of it, you can tell it to wait. Be the life of the Towson football or basketball party and cheer on your team.

The best way to survive is to not give up early.


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