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SGA outlines semester goals

20 August 2014 By Cody Boteler, News Editor No Comments

Student Government Association President Kevin Kutner and other members of the SGA recently returned from their annual retreat this year in Annapolis.

“It’s essentially SGA 101, 201, 301, etc, all in a weekend,” Kutner said. “It’s an opportunity for [members of the SGA] to get to know the ropes, understand what their position means, and also just what’s possible.”

Despite what he called a “learning curve” for members of the SGA, Kutner said that he “absolutely” feels like new members of the SGA are ready to start the semester.

The SGA has a few means of reaching out to Towson students, including the DearDoc website, which was launched last semester. DearDoc allows Towson students to log in with their NetID to submit ideas or suggestions to the SGA. Students can also vote on whether they agree or disagree with things that have already been submitted.

Kutner acknowledged a gap between ideas that students have and follow through on those ideas on behalf of the SGA.

“This year is going to be the year where we really do follow through on all of those things,” he said.

One of the ways that goal may be accomplished is through a new SGA Senate subcommittee. The subcommittee is called “constituency outreach” and will be made up of five senators whose job on the committee is to deal with student concerns.

Kutner said that those responsibilities may include responding to DearDoc submissions and conducting student polling and surveys.

“We have to be out there on the ground, really talking to [students],” Kutner said.
He also mentioned ways that the SGA is trying to get more Towson students involved. Every new student this year, for example, will receive a flyer about the SGA, and an application to be an SGA senator. Five senate seats are reserved for new students.

New this year, the SGA is implementing a new structure to its committees. In the past, every Executive Director had a committee made up of members of the SGA senate. Now, however, students who are not senators can become members of the SGA by joining a subcommittee and working with the director.

“I think it’s going to be a great program,” Kutner said.

Kutner also mentioned ambitions of meeting the promises of his ticket from last year’s platform, and improving the relationships between Towson students and the Towson community.
“I think too often some of the issues we have between community members and the students, that friction is just lack of communication,” he said.

Other goals that Kutner and his administration have include setting up a textbook loan program and getting course syllabi on PeopleSoft so that students can read them before registering for classes. For all students on campus, Kutner gave very succinct advice for how to benefit from the student government.

“Just be aware of the things that we’re doing,” he said.

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