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A shot of Towson

3 September 2014 By Annie Sragner, Contributing Writer 14 Comments

FILEHeidiS001-KelleyandBeallMany Towson alumni look back on their partying college days with a smile, but one recent graduate had so much fun that she decided to turn it into a book. Class of 2012 graduate Hedi Sandberg released a book in May of this year documenting her wild Towson adventures called “Drunk-Capades: The Drunken Adventures of One Classy Bitch.”

“There’s a mix of specific stories from parties and bars. I [wrote] it chronologically starting with freshman year in the first chapter, then sophomore year, then junior year where I went abroad in New Castle, Australia, then ending with senior year,” Sandberg said.

In her four and a half years of attending Towson, she collected her foggy memories and sorted them into a book, after earning her Bachelor’s degree in Health Science.

“I’m very funny, so I decided to write a book about it, I mean why not? I had a dream of being the next Chelsea Handler, and I thought I would get published and it would be great,” Sandberg said.

Things did not pan out the way she expected, though. After realizing that her dream of scoring a book deal with a major publishing company wasn’t going as planned, she turned to another method of getting her stories out there.

“I discovered self-publishing and did hundreds of reviews of [the book] myself, so I was my own editor. I’m very proud of myself,” Sandberg said.

When she thinks of her many party experiences at Towson, Sandberg says The Rec Room is her favorite campus party spot and said that she and her friends were always comfortable and ready to go out and have a fun time there.

“I prefer bars to parties in my experiences. When I go out, I get drunk, I’m with my friends, we dance, and that’s our thing. I don’t really sit around at the bar. Wherever I go, I always have a good time,” Sandberg said. “I hope nothing has changed because I had such a blast at Towson.”

The 24-year old moved back in with her parents in Silver Spring, Maryland following her December graduation. She soon found a job at a gym, which served as inspiration for another book project she has planned. She refers to the gym as “Harriss Fitness” to avoid any possible repercussions from sharing her adventures while working there.

Her Towson-inspired memoir can be found on Amazon Kindle for less than $4.00.


  • Poor Richard said:

    Thank you. Thank you for glamorizing if not promoting underage (freshman) drinking in college. This is a real problem. If you want to get drunk and make a fool of yourself, that’s your business. Just don’t annoy the rest of us. You should realize the power that media has on young impressionable people. Drinking in college should be discouraged.

    Too bad the Towerlight considers this journalism.

  • BFD said:

    …so she spent her Towson career getting wasted and now has moved back into her parents home and works at a gym. Wonderful. I can think of other words to replace “Classy” in her title. I see nothing “Classy” about her, her book, and certainly not the title. I hope she paid for her own “Education”–her parents must be proud.

  • Oh my said:

    Has anyone read Brave New World? Sounds like a chapter from its sequel.

  • MicRyan said:

    She obviously managed to have a great time partying and still graduated. I spend my Towson career getting wasted also, but yet I can still manage to be an A/B student. This book seems to be a humorous and realistic take on college life. I believe that she should be commended for getting out of college and doing something with her education and experiences, even if others do not approve. I will definitely be checking out this book.

  • Poodles said:

    Get em hedi!!!! You go girl! Love you!

  • Coolin said:

    She was a classmate of mine and yes, we partied together on occasion. Some of you uptight, judgmental, douche advocates need to relax.

    Anyway, as a Towson alum, I want to say that I am proud of you. It’s certainly hard work to self-publish and I wish you great success. I, for one, will be doing my part as a fellow alum and purchasing your book. Hopefully someone in my crew makes the cut!!

  • Poor Richards Friend said:

    Couldn’t agree with “BFD” and “Poor Richard” more. Terrible subject, terrible student, terrible book I’m sure, terrible quote, (“I’m really funny”- like, are you drunk right NOW?!) terrible reporting.

  • jojo said:

    Hmmmm. I bet her parents and family are proud. Spent her time at Towson partying and getting drunk. Got crappy grades and racked up student loan debt. Graduated with a useless degree and self published a book. Which, contrary to what the previous poster states, is not difficult at all. Basically you can write whatever garbage you want and amazon will sell it, for a fee of course though.

    Anyhow,this type of attitude and student is exactly what is wrong with America anymore. We have gone from the greatest generation to the most useless generation. God help us.

  • jojo said:

    This is a quote from her book.. Boy I bet her parents are proud.. Cant wait to see what her future husband or wife and kids will think when they read it….

    “I have nothing against the Den, I truly did love it. I loved it so much that I allowed my neck to be used as a teething toy to random boys, offered oral sex to other boys and even had my first girl on girl make out there…”

    And no, I didnt but the book. That was a free preview on amazon.com

  • Roosta said:

    Maybe if you took a major with b*lls you would have less time to get “wasted”.

    I agree, acting like a idiot while drunk is nothing to be proud of. This is not the kind of behavior that should be glorified.


  • Screechpowers said:

    People need to relax. She wrote a funny memoir of her college experiences, not Mein Kampf.

  • hekela10 said:

    Guys. Calm down. She worked her ass off throughout school and celebrated accordingly. Its a tough economy. If you’re lucky enough to get employed in your field immediately after you graduate be grateful, not condescending. If you don’t agree, go and do whatever activity you deem to be “a good use of time”. She’s hilarious and open about her college experiences. Go hate somewhere else.

  • Poor Richard said:

    “Celebrated accordingly”? Accordingly for whom? I’m plenty calm and my close firend Mr. B. Franklin has noted the positive qualities of beer. However, it is widely known that underage drinking is a big problem at colleges, including Towson University.

    These kids don’t know when to stop so they make fools of themselves or sometimes worse. For what? To fit in with other “cool” students?

    Like I said, it is a pity that articles like this are published even when Towson is trying to fight college drinking problems. This article and “book” glorify it.

    Tripe is right!

  • Confused? said:

    I just want to know why my full actual name was tagged in this when I randomly decided to google search my name lol.

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