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Balcony collapses at Colony at Kenilworth apartments

1 September 2014 By Cody Boteler, News Editor and Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief One Comment
Colony at Kenilworth apartments - Eric Gazzillo/ The Towerlight

Colony at Kenilworth apartments – Eric Gazzillo/ The Towerlight

The Colony at Kenilworth apartments is now required to inspect every balcony in the complex in the next 30 days following Monday night’s balcony collapse on Kenlawn Court.

Baltimore County Police sent in a building inspector Tuesday to look at the apartment involved.

Seven people were transported to the hospital after the collapse, two of them to shock trauma. Five of the seven people transported were Towson University students: Jacob Shows, Sean Dahlen, Owen Woodcock, Siobhan Allmendinger and Alexandra McVey.

There is currently no official update on the status of any of the students’ conditions.

Garrett Walther, a junior at Towson and resident of The Colony apartments, was home when the accident occurred.

“All I heard was the sound [of the balcony falling] and when I came out of the shower I looked, and the music coming from the apartment had totally stopped and then all I could hear was sirens and yelling,” Walther said.

After the collapse of the balcony, Walther said he put in a request to have several boards on his balcony replaced, because he feels they are too flimsy.

Walther also said he has concerns about several boards on the walkway that lead to his apartment that bend when he walks on them.

“It’s not something I ever thought about it before, but now after this, I think about it every day,” he said.

Chief Building Inspector for the county Glen Berry said the Department of Building Inspections will go to the site and look in to why the deck collapsed, and if the other decks at the complex need to be replaced.

“We’ll probably talk to the building engineer [at The Colony] and have the ownership bring in an engineer to look at all the existing decks,” Berry said.

Walther said he hadn’t received any notice from the complex as to any potential inspections or repairs that need to be made to his deck.

At the time of construction, the balconies needed to pass a certain code, according to Berry, but there are no inspections done after the initial construction. There is also a per-square-foot weight limit on the balconies. At the time of the collapse, there were between four and six people on the balcony, according to BCPD.

Representatives from The Colony at Kenilworth deferred comment to their corporate office, and representatives there could not be reached for comment.



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  • Judy Breitenbach said:

    Having housed my daughter at the Colony for two years while attending Towson, it was a relief when she finally moved out. Students and/or parents pay a great deal of money for rent for a facility that has significant structural issues. Anyone currently living at the Colony should be reporting concerns about their apartment NOW while inspectors are being called in to investigate. It is unfortunate that structural issues of the apartment complex has come to light after people have gotten hurt.

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