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Musicians, twins take a leap toward fame

3 September 2014 By Carley Milligan, Arts and Life Editor One Comment

Singers001-HugelWhen senior Lauren Jarvis-Gibson looked through her notebooks from last semester, she discovered that she had done a lot less note taking and a lot more song writing. However, this doesn’t bother her because, with the help of her identical twin Jeanne, the two singers have begun to make a name for themselves.

“It comes really naturally for us since we have been doing it for so long and we know the strengths and weaknesses of each other’s voices,” English major Lauren Jarvis-Gibson said,  “I feel like when we sing together it just sounds kind of pure, and since we are sisters it just works out really well and it comes naturally for us.”

The two first learned to sing around the age of three when their grandfather taught them.

“He was a music teacher and he traveled around the US and he basically plucked out people and formed choirs for churches around the US and he also majored in voice. He had a really good voice,” Lauren Jarvis-Gibson said.

From that point on their experience grew, performing in talent shows, graduations, restaurants, festivals, coffee shops and theater and choir performances throughout elementary, middle and high school. They had their first big break when they were in the eighth grade and posted a cover of the song, “Seasons of Love” on their YouTube channel.

“It actually got over 10,000 views,” Lauren Jarvis-Gibson said. “But then we deleted our channel because a couple of years had gone by and we hadn’t done anything and I deleted it because I was embarrassed, we were in eighth grade with braces.”

After a couple of years the girls began watching videos of other YouTubers, like musicians and twins MeganandLiz, had uploaded. They were inspired by them and decided to re-create their channel, JeanneandLauren, and began upwloading videos.

They perform both original songs they have written together as well as covers. Both Lauren and Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson sometimes play the guitar as accompaniment in their videos.

“We will do covers of pop songs, we will do covers of country songs, kind of indie-pop, so kind of anything that we are listening to currently we will cover those songs,” pre-electronic media and film major Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson said. “I like doing originals more than doing covers but we just haven’t had the chance to put up a lot of our originals on our channel.”

Their channel really began to take off after the girls uploaded a cover of Britney Spears’ song “Perfume” which was then reblogged by Spears on her official Tumblr page. Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson refers to this as their greatest accomplishment thus far.

“It was really exciting and it actually brought a lot more attention to our channel,” Lauren Jarvis-Gibson said.

After taking a short break while Jeanne studied abroad last semester, the girls are ready to start uploading videos again, starting with their cover of Taylor Swift’s new song “Shake it Off” that they posted last week. In the future, Lauren and Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson hope to take a year off after graduation and before graduate school to pursue music.

“Even if it doesn’t turn into a career that’s okay, we love doing it and we will keep on playing and singing together,” Jeanne Jarvis-Gibson said. “We are happiest doing it, I would say.”

You can follow Jeanne and Lauren on their YouTube channel at youtube.com/jeanneandlauren2 or on Facebook.

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  • Tom said:

    Lauren and Jeanne are talented musicians whom I expect will have enough hutzpa to break down all the barriers to stardom that keep many fine musicians from making it. Looking forward to their big-time success…

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