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6 Apr 2014 | No Comments | By Nicole Salem, Contributing writer
Senior Ayesha Tappin is the first generation in her family to be born in the U.S. since her parents emigrated from Guyana in 1989. But Tappin keeps strong ties to her Caribbean roots. Tappin joined the Caribbean Student Association (CSA) her freshman year after her RA, who is of Jamaican heritage, recommended that she join. Tappin has since worked with the club to offer a cultural group for those of Caribbean descent, as well as anyone interested. “We want to expose this culture to the rest of the campus,” Tappin, now president of CSA, said.  “If you are from a Caribbean country, then you would know exactly […] Read the full story »

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2 Apr 2014 | No Comments | By Carley Milligan, Associate Arts and Life Editor
Junior dance major Ashley Thompson said that for her, the solo she choreographed for the Dance Major’s Performance Project (DMPP) was more than just choreography, it was an expression of herself. “The piece is about finding myself and growing as an individual, the process of blooming as a flower,” Thompson said. “In the end, I do a movement that makes you think that maybe I didn’t blossom all the way, so I am constantly growing.” Thompson’s piece, “Flowers in Spring” is a contemporary solo that she choreographed in her free time that will be included in the annual DMPP performance. “It’s a whole choreography project series for […] Read the full story »

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2 Apr 2014 | No Comments | By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-in-chief
Towson student Brian Spencer said his grandparents, Holocaust survivors, told him about witnessing book burnings. During the burnings, Nazi soldiers destroyed Jewish literature in front of the Jews during the Holocaust. Other pieces of literature were rounded up by the soldiers and taken away from the Jews. Spencer, a Jewish studies minor, can now reconnect to that place in time, thanks to a new collection in Cook Library that holds several pieces of Jewish history. The collection holds almost 80,000 volumes of work, a good portion of which dates back to World War II. Following WWII, American soldiers were able to retrieve some of the materials confiscated […] Read the full story »

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30 Mar 2014 | No Comments | By Daryllee Hale, Arts and Life Editor
Though students are getting back into the swing of schoolwork, junior physics major Kat Zander said her spring break experience with Alternative Break Connections will last a lifetime. “It’s such a great opportunity to go and see a new place, while still helping out,” Zander, a trip leader of a group of students who travelled to Nashville, Tenn., said. With Alternative Break Connections, students get the opportunity to travel to locations nationally to participate in community service activities. In Nashville, Zander and her fellow participants worked with Friends of Warner Parks on trail maintenance, working five hours a day from Monday through Friday in activities such as […] Read the full story »

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30 Mar 2014 | 2 Comments | By Carley Milligan, Associate Arts and Life Editor
When 2011 alum and jazz vocal major Katie Gillis began her capstone project, she wasn’t expecting her project to end up on the front page of Reddit. “A paper might not have been the most practical project so I decided to do a concert series and it kind of explored different sounds and one of them was all about the human voice and I thought it would be really cool to put a group together for this concert,” Gillis said. Her project became the four-member female barbershop quartet GQ, which recently received 7,069 upvotes on the social networking site Reddit. The group’s start, however, was much more […] Read the full story »

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Commentary: Dustin Lynch
30 Mar 2014 | No Comments | By Brandi Bottalico, Senior Editor
The only problem at the Campus Activity Board’s Country Concert Friday night was trying to clap with a beer in your hand. Opener Brent Rupard, who has previously opened for Scotty McCreery and The Band Perry, played some upbeat songs that make me want to drive on back roads and roll my window down. Headliner Dustin Lynch began with “She Cranks my Tractor,” which was released on his 2012 album, then followed it up with “Dancing in the Headlights.” Lynch said he was playing a spring break-inspired setlist, which became obvious when he incorporated covers of old time club favorites “Rock Your Body,” by Justin Timberlake, and […] Read the full story »

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Fraternities, sororities working to overcome popular misconceptions
26 Mar 2014 | One Comment | By Daryllee Hale, Arts and Life Editor
Freshman Cassie Ferlitch thought she was going to go Greek. Ferlitch began to rush last semester. She attended the events and socials the sororities held, but when it came time to pay, she said she just couldn’t do it. “I didn’t like what it was all about,” Ferlitch, a nursing major, said.  “There were a lot of good things but when it came down to it, I couldn’t pick one sorority that I could find myself being a part of.” Ferlitch decided not to join the 11 percent of campus that is involved in Greek Life. For Ferlitch, it was about the labels. “You just had to […] Read the full story »

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23 Mar 2014 | No Comments | By Nick Salacki, Columnist
This past winter and prior, I used all of my free time to visit as many cinemas, theaters and movie houses to see as many films as possible that were involved with this past year’s award season, including the Golden Globes, BAFTA Awards and the Oscars. It was my goal to watch, or rather experience, all Oscar-related films so I could make my own personal and critical votes for almost all Academy Award categories. It was only by chance that I would be granted the opportunity to write five-plus columns for The Towerlight, analyzing and commenting on the four acting categories and Best Picture category from the […] Read the full story »

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23 Mar 2014 | One Comment
The Towerlight talked to country artist Dustin Lynch, who will be performing at Paws March 28 for the Campus Activity Board’s Country Concert. Lynch debuted in the country scene in 2013 to praise from “Rolling Stone,” “ELLE magazine,” “Billboard” and “PEOPLE magazine.” How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before? I love country music. I am a country music musician. I would consider us neo-traditional. It’s not the super-country twangy sound. I grew up listening to all sorts of music and I still love all sorts of music. I listen to everything from country to hip hop, rock, EDM, all that […] Read the full story »

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Electronic dance musician and Juicy J will perform at SECU Arena April 26
23 Mar 2014 | One Comment | By Daryllee Hale, Arts and Life Editor & Carley Milligan, Associate Arts and Life Editor
Electronic dance musician Steve Aoki will headline Tigerfest, according to an announcement made by the Campus Activities Board [CAB] Friday. “Steve Aoki is more like electronic, house, EDM stuff and that’s kind of a different scene that you have seen come up on campus,” Chad Nazworth, director of CAB, said. Steve Aoki is a Grammy-nominated producer known for songs “Boneless” with Chris Lake and Tujamo and “Turbulence” with Lil Jon. Supporting Steve Aoki will be rapper Juicy J, who recently collaborated with Katy Perry in her song “Dark Horse.” “People like [EDM] and it’s something we wanted to be able to offer on-campus, so pairing Steve Aoki […] Read the full story »