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12 Mar 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
Over the coming weeks, March Madness diary entries will be pouring into the Towerlight as threes keep raining down from the likes of Duke, Wichita State, Creighton, and Michigan. It’ll mostly be Duke, though – that’s all they’ve been good at under the 34-year reign of emperor-coach Mike Krzyzewski. From now on, I reserve the right to refer to him as either Coach K or that coach from Duke because I think even ol’ Mikey K would admit it’s unfair for sportswriters to have to spell his name over and over again. Did I mention how Duke is only good at three-point shooting and annoys every living […] Read the full story »

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5 Mar 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
Here are some of the facts surrounding the Brooklyn Nets’ signing of Jason Collins, the first openly gay, active athlete in major American sports history. Interpret what you will. Collins is 35 years old. Collins spent eight years of his life with ex-fiancée, WNBA center Carolyn Moos, before he called off their wedding in 2009. Moos didn’t know Collins was gay until just before he publically announced it last April. Collins has played in the NBA since 2001. Collins’ career averages are as follows: 3.6 PPG, 3.7 RPG, 0.9 APG in 20.7 MPG. He has shot 41 percent from the floor. No NBA player has ever publically […] Read the full story »

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5 Mar 2014 | No Comments | By Matt Hamilton, Associate Sports Editor
Who is the Most Valuable Player of the NBA? Matt: You know what I’m sick of right now? Winter. Well, let me add one thing. LeBron “please get off my television” James. That’s right, I’m not a big fan of LeBron James, but let’s look at this objectively. Up until last week, Kevin Durant was the unanimous MVP choice, after putting together a streak of 12 straight games with at least 12 points. No one has ever done that, not LeBron and not Michael Jordan. Durant is simply the most important player for his team in the entire NBA. Without him, the Thunder would have Russell Westbrook […] Read the full story »

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26 Feb 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
Baseball season is fast approaching and Orioles fans finally have a couple reasons to start getting excited for it. Within the last week, the Orioles have signed Ubaldo Jimenez to a four-year, $50 million deal and Nelson Cruz to a steal of a one-year deal at $8 million. These two signings have served as welcome reprieve from an otherwise depressing offseason in which the biggest moves the Orioles had made pre-Jimenez were essentially the losses of 50-save closer Jim Johnson (and his supposed replacement Grant Balfour), beloved outfielder Nate McLouth, and traitor healthy second baseman Brian Roberts. Both Jimenez and Cruz are in their 30s now, yet […] Read the full story »

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19 Feb 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
The 22nd Winter Olympic Games are winding up with a flurry of high-profile medals this weekend. The NBA season is raging on through the dog days of February. College basketball is slowly but surely gathering steam as March Madness fast approaches. Yet, for today at least, I’d rather tell you about my experience coaching youth basketball and the group of kids I’ve come to love. Back in December, I was given the opportunity to coach youth basketball in Cockeysville. Having no legitimate background in competitive basketball, I took the leap of faith for a few reasons: I’m highly competitive, I’ve always enjoyed watching college basketball (especially this […] Read the full story »

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Rediscovering the Beauty of Sports in Sochi
11 Feb 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
Within a matter of seconds a stadium filled with uproarious enthusiasts ranging from parents to Putin seemingly vacates itself of any sound whatsoever. For a brief moment the planet is on pause. A gleaming sheet of ice intensifies and reflects the light of the arena in all directions. Much like a movie screen, the ice acts as both a mirror and a spectacle for the spectators on hand. The collection of their breaths is the only movement within the theater, for even the performer in the center of it all has become frozen. And then the music starts. Once the skater elects to move with the melody […] Read the full story »

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5 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
On the eve of 22nd Olympic Winter Games, I don’t feel very patriotic. I feel quite anti-American, to be honest. I’m not a terrorist, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be (just want to get this out of the way). I was born about 15 minutes east of Towson University and have lived in this area my entire life. I was at Pot Spring Elementary School, about 10 minutes north of here, when the World Trade Centers in New York came crashing down. My grandfather served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War and my uncle served in the Air Force during the […] Read the full story »

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1 Feb 2014 | No Comments | By Tyler Beard, Staff Writer
The Ravens missed the playoffs for the first time since 2007, showing the team had many holes need to be filled on offense. Baltimore’s offensive line took a huge step back from their play in the Super Bowl run last season. Matt Birk retired, Bryant McKinnie became lazy again, Kelechi Osemele needed back surgery, Marshall Yanda regressed and Michael Oher…played like Michael Oher. Another serious concern was the lack of a true possession receiver. Losing Anquan Boldin and missing Dennis Pitta for most of the season really set back Joe Flacco’s play. Torrey Smith had to be utilized as a possession receiver, which isn’t his type of […] Read the full story »

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Asking tough questions about all things Super Bowl XLVIII
29 Jan 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
It’s a new year for Common Sense Sports, which can only mean one thing—new gimmicks! So here’s the first new gimmick of 2014. Let’s play a not-so-subtle game of “What if?” featuring the biggest drunken, sloppy, way too masculine sports spectacle of the year! Wait, what? You’re telling me we also have the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup this year? Sigh. Let’s just get this rolling. For starters…What if Beyoncé somehow finds her way into the Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show? Will MetLife Stadium blackout just minutes into the second half, causing everyone but the losing favorite Broncos to freak out, […] Read the full story »

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29 Jan 2014 | No Comments | By Matt Hamilton, Associate Sports Editor
Matt: One year ago, Ray Lewis rode off into the sunset and I cried tears of joy. It’s hard to watch two other teams get a chance for glory like the Ravens did last year. Nonetheless, I have to suck it up and pick this dang game. Peyton Manning has a chance to ride off into the sunset and prove all the haters wrong. Geez, it sounds pretty familiar. The way he’s throwing at 37 gives hope to those suffering from mid-life crises: you can still do great things even though the number of grey hairs on your head is rapidly increasing. I’m a really big fan […] Read the full story »