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5 Feb 2014 | 2 Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
On the eve of 22nd Olympic Winter Games, I don’t feel very patriotic. I feel quite anti-American, to be honest. I’m not a terrorist, nor have I ever been, nor will I ever be (just want to get this out of the way). I was born about 15 minutes east of Towson University and have lived in this area my entire life. I was at Pot Spring Elementary School, about 10 minutes north of here, when the World Trade Centers in New York came crashing down. My grandfather served in the Coast Guard during the Korean War and my uncle served in the Air Force during the […] Read the full story »

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1 Feb 2014 | No Comments | By Tyler Beard, Staff Writer
The Ravens missed the playoffs for the first time since 2007, showing the team had many holes need to be filled on offense. Baltimore’s offensive line took a huge step back from their play in the Super Bowl run last season. Matt Birk retired, Bryant McKinnie became lazy again, Kelechi Osemele needed back surgery, Marshall Yanda regressed and Michael Oher…played like Michael Oher. Another serious concern was the lack of a true possession receiver. Losing Anquan Boldin and missing Dennis Pitta for most of the season really set back Joe Flacco’s play. Torrey Smith had to be utilized as a possession receiver, which isn’t his type of […] Read the full story »

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Asking tough questions about all things Super Bowl XLVIII
29 Jan 2014 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
It’s a new year for Common Sense Sports, which can only mean one thing—new gimmicks! So here’s the first new gimmick of 2014. Let’s play a not-so-subtle game of “What if?” featuring the biggest drunken, sloppy, way too masculine sports spectacle of the year! Wait, what? You’re telling me we also have the Winter Olympics and the FIFA World Cup this year? Sigh. Let’s just get this rolling. For starters…What if Beyoncé somehow finds her way into the Bruno Mars and Red Hot Chili Peppers halftime show? Will MetLife Stadium blackout just minutes into the second half, causing everyone but the losing favorite Broncos to freak out, […] Read the full story »

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29 Jan 2014 | No Comments | By Matt Hamilton, Associate Sports Editor
Matt: One year ago, Ray Lewis rode off into the sunset and I cried tears of joy. It’s hard to watch two other teams get a chance for glory like the Ravens did last year. Nonetheless, I have to suck it up and pick this dang game. Peyton Manning has a chance to ride off into the sunset and prove all the haters wrong. Geez, it sounds pretty familiar. The way he’s throwing at 37 gives hope to those suffering from mid-life crises: you can still do great things even though the number of grey hairs on your head is rapidly increasing. I’m a really big fan […] Read the full story »

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29 Jan 2014 | No Comments | By Matt Hamilton, Associate Sports Editor
Tyler: It was a brilliant move by the Ravens to hire Gary Kubiak as offensive coordinator for a couple of reasons. The main reason obviously is because of Kubiak’s incredible track record as offensive coordinator in Denver. Before Kubiak coached the Texans, he was offensive coordinator for the Broncos for 11 seasons and helped the team win two Super Bowls. He runs a great offensive system that will allow the Ravens to run play action, which is something they didn’t do last season. Kubiak also has a great history having successful running backs, which bodes well for Ray Rice. The other good reason for the Kubiak hiring […] Read the full story »

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11 Dec 2013 | One Comment | By Justin Thau, Columnist
As of Tuesday night, only two teams in the Eastern Conference of the NBA had winning records: the defending champion Miami Heat and their Eastern Conference Finals foes from a year ago, the Indiana Pacers. It pretty much goes without saying that the Eastern Conference is historically bad this year. Reading Bill Simmons’ Grantland article “The NBA’s E-League” from last Friday will get you up to speed on just how bad this conference has been. At any rate, the Heat and the Pacers played a game in Indiana Tuesday night that resembled May and June much more than it did December. These two teams are the class […] Read the full story »

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11 Dec 2013 | One Comment | By Jonathon Munshaw, Editor-in-Chief
Munch: Well Towson, the football season is finally coming to an end. Well, there’s still a few weeks left of actual football, but does it really matter if there’s no Punt, Pass and Pick to go along with it? Plus, with the Browns becoming more and more of a disgrace and inching closer to drafting Johnny Manziel, I’m pretty much abandoning following the NFL until playoff time. Until then, go Wizards! Wait, I still haven’t introduced my opponent. It’s Jesse Jones. He usually beats me at this. Thundercat: I would just like to take this time to thank Mr. Munshaw for inviting me to participate in a […] Read the full story »

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4 Dec 2013 | No Comments | By Jonathan Munshaw, Editor-In-Chief
Jon: Thank God… I mean oh no! I only have one more of these to do after this week. I will be grateful to have the extra time on my hands, but it will unfortunately limit me to the number of punishments I can dole out. But who am I kidding? I couldn’t pick NFL games if my life depended on it. I also make what I honestly believe is the best pick, and I just can’t produce the results. It’ll be especially important this week to at least tie, because I know Glaze will continue to rub it in if I bomb. Alex: Thanks, Munch, for […] Read the full story »

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1 Dec 2013 | No Comments | By Justin Thau, Columnist
So the Iron Bowl happened this past Saturday. No. 1 Alabama rolled into Auburn, Ala. on a mission: four national titles in five years. Sure, Alabama would still have to win the SEC Championship next weekend and then the BCS Championship Game approximately a year from now (at least, that’s how it would feel), but a win in Auburn would’ve almost guaranteed at least a shot at being called a “dynasty.” No. 4 Auburn, meanwhile, still had hopes for a title shot as well coming off of a miraculous Hail Mary catch to win the Nov. 16 thriller against Georgia. The highest-ranked one-loss team, Auburn could’ve conceivably […] Read the full story »

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Coach’s actions should be punished
1 Dec 2013 | One Comment | By Matt Hamilton, Associate Sports Editor
I went to the Ravens game Thursday, and boy was it fun. My brother and I screamed and jumped, then screamed and jumped some more. It was the best Ravens game I’ve ever been to and it proved to be the best way to ring in the holiday season. However, there was one problem: his name was Mike Tomlin. You know what I like about the holiday season? The sheer joy and kindness that comes out in every person, young or old. Everywhere I look, I see people giving back and simply putting smiles on others faces. There is just something about December that just makes me […] Read the full story »